Moscow rally against terror gathered activists and state employees

Lower the flags

In the capital there passed the stock “Together against terror”, commemorating the victims of the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg. It was organized by the Moscow Federation of trade unions, the trade Union of transport workers, the trade Union of the Metropolitan transport Association of the Moscow agglomeration.

The attack occurred on Monday, April 3, in the subway between the stations “Sennaya square” and “Institute of Technology”. In the result, 14 people were killed. After the attack, more than 20 cities were announced the memorial events that needs to take place on 6 and 8 April.

The concert began in Moscow at the Manege square around 17:00 with a minute of silence. Leading Svetlana Zeynalov from the stage asked the audience to lower political flags. “Tonight is not a platform for political ambitions,” she said. Her request was listened by the representatives of all parties gathered in the square, — the “United Russia”, KPRF, LDPR, just Russia, party of pensioners, the Cossack party of the Russian Federation, “Communists of Russia” “Civil force”. Was lowered only flags-tricolors, which activists picked up in the middle of the crowd.

Stock memory: rallies were held against terrorism across Russia

From the scene were singers, journalists and public figures — Valery, Alexey Kortnev, Olga Kormukhina, Sergei Dorenko, who was the first, according to the leading of a concert, has launched a social media hashtag #poterminology. After each song leading talked about the victims of the terrorist attack.

Concert people brought red roses, carnations and lamps that after the concert they got to Stella’s the hero-city of Leningrad in Alexander garden. Colors were also fully covered all the flower beds at the stations “Teatralnaya” and “Ploshchad Revolyutsii”.

Express organization

On Manezh square on the evening of 6 April, gathered 50 thousand people, reported the press service of the Metropolitan police. Participants of the action passed through the metal detectors, installed from the metro station “Revolution Square”, the order followed by the police and people with bandages “Combatant” on the sleeves.

At the entrance took away water bottles, posters and thermoses, but the inspection was often superficial: for example, the reporter went to the frame, not laying keys and phone. “Preparations will take three days, the national guard notified the Agency today at 10 am, so the mess,” said one of the guards, his words confirmed by colleagues.

The majority of respondents wanted to answer the question, why did you decide to come to the rally and learned about its conduct. When you try to talk to the audience at the “Lubyanka” preferred to turn away or aside. “Our management asked me to come to the rally”, — told one of participants of the action, but place of work refused to give. “I would be in a rally, perhaps, and so I went, but today he offered to leave work early, so just go,” said another participant. “We came because I found out about the action of memory. Came here with work colleagues,” — said Hope, waiting for friends at the “Lubyanka”.

500 RUB. for the rally

Attended the meeting and paid the extras: the announcement of the recruitment of participants appeared in social networks on April 5 (screenshots are available). Of people responding to the ads were divided into groups by age: approximately 50 people each. The participants of one of them, where were people from 17 to 27 years, said that the organizers gave them capes and flags with the symbols of the Cossack party of the Russian Federation.

“Here’s the plan: we’re going to the concert column, there circling around such a person with a mustache [the Chairman of the Cossack party of Nicholas] Konstantinov when he leaves and we leave. Get money given to civic duty, it is not particularly subject,” instructed the extras organizer Irina. For participation in the event, students and an elderly couple got 500 RUB.

The older part of the crowd rallied with “Communists of Russia” and Party of pensioners, said the curators of the event. Only at the Manege square gathered not less than 40 specially organized columns, some of them without symbols with numbered plates. According to two of the organizers, about 15 thousand people joined the action for the money.

Photo: Vladislav Shatilo /

Employees of budgetary organizations were sent to the rally organized from institutions, said a source close to the leadership of the city. According to him, organizations were ordered to release a certain number of employees per share.

April 5, the sources of Kommersant told that the administration of the President instructed the authorities in the regions to organize a rally in memory of victims of the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin has nothing to do with the organization of anti-terrorist actions.

Concert in memory of the victims first had to go through on Poklonnaya hill, but then the organizers agreed to a rally on Manezh square. The application they filed just a day, but the mayor’s office approved it in emergency mode.

Commemoration in the regions

Events were also held in other cities of Russia. For example, in St. Petersburg the event was visited by 30 thousand people. The participants released white doves equal to the number of those killed in the attack, and read the names of victims of the explosion.

The organizer of the rally in Tambov was organized by public organization “Headquarters of student brigades in the region.” The local Palace of sports “Crystal”, the attendees laid flowers to the improvised memorial. The head a press-services of city administration Sergey Belozerov said that the rally was attended by about 15 thousand people. In Kazan anti-terror rally initiated “student League” of Tatarstan, said its President Elkin Iskenderov. According to him, a half-hour rally was attended by over 4 thousand citizens of Kazan.

Head of the Department of public organization of veterans “Combat brotherhood” in the Belgorod Vladimir Short said that in the anti-terrorist rally in the region was attended by about 1.5 thousand people. “It was a memorial service, so the performance on stage were not of an entertainment nature. For example, local youth made a re-enactment of the explosion, which occurred in the subway in St. Petersburg,” said Short.

On Saturday, April 8, the shares of memory will be approximately 20 cities.

With the participation of Maria Istomina, Elena Smirnova, Yegor Gubernatorova