Oreshkin called favorable currency purchase currently

The Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin believes that the moment is favorable for the purchase of foreign currency by households. About it at a press conference with reporters on Thursday, April 6, reports .

“In principle we believe that the moment for the importers and the population, which is preparing for foreign travel, it is very beneficial for the purchase of foreign currency”, — said Oreshkin.

The Minister believes that the risk of a sharp fall of the ruble is currently no, because the balance of payments in Russia is now “very good condition”. The Ministry expects the depreciation to the level of 63-64 rubles per dollar while maintaining oil prices at current levels.

Two versions of the updated macroeconomic forecast for 2017 for the period up to 2020, which on Thursday presented the Ministry, the forecast for the weakening of the ruble. In the baseline scenario, the average rate in 2017 will amount to 64.2 rubles per dollar in 2018 — 69,8 RUB, in the next two years is 71.2 and 72.7 rubles.respectively.

Oreshkin also said that the dollar at present (the official rate set by the Central Bank on 7 APR of 56.4 RUB) stronger than it would be in the absence of operations of the Ministry of Finance for the purchase of foreign currency.

In the previous forecast, which was previously released by the Ministry of economic development, the dollar / ruble exchange rate in the baseline scenario was laid 67.5 rubles, in 2018 – 68,7 rubles 2019 — 71,1 RUB.