The media learned about the successful test of South Korea ballistic missiles

The government of South Korea announced the successful launch its own ballistic missiles with a range of 800 km and It can reach the territory of the DPRK, told Younhap sources in the Ministry of defence.

According to them, it was another warning to the government of North Korea, which continues to test ballistic missiles. The news Agency reported that the launch was carried out at the site of the Agency for defense development, which is under the control of the Ministry of defense.

Date of launch has not been reported. The sources stressed that the test was attended by the Minister of national defense Han Min GU. The results, according to the military, was successful.

“Being deployed, the new missile will be able to cover all [the territory of] North Korea, even when starting from the southern part of the country,” says the Agency.

On the eve of the Seoul reported that the DPRK launched an “unidentified missile” in the direction of the sea of Japan. In the U.S. State Department confirmed this information. Reports on the latest test to Pyongyang’s ballistic missiles came amid a meeting of the President of the United States Donald trump and the head of China, XI Jinping, to be held April 6-7. On it the parties should discuss, including the issue of the DPRK.

Shortly after launch, the U.S. military said that, according to preliminary data, North Korea launched a ballistic missile medium-range KN-15 that flew 60 km. According to South Korean officials, the maximum altitude reached 189 km.

After another missile test, the South Korean authorities decided to increase the combat readiness of the troops. Japan protested the recent tests. Seoul called Pyongyang’s actions “provocation”. In addition, South Korea convened an emergency meeting of the national security Council.