A US strike on Syrian base has stirred up the financial markets

American attack cruise missiles at the air base to the government troops in Syria shook global financial markets: oil prices jumped more than 2%, stock in USA ready to fall, and in Moscow, the ruble fell by 1% at the opening of trading.

Futures for Brent oil in London June period rose in price a maximum of $1,19 to $56,08 per barrel after the news about the attack. As of 10:20 GMT the price of Brent crude is $55,55 per barrel (an increase by 66 cents, or 1.2% since the beginning of the day). Although Syria itself is not a major oil producer, the market sees the risk of increasing tension in the middle East in General and, consequently, the risk of disruption of oil supplies from there.

Despite the leap in oil prices the ruble, which had consistently followed oil, fell 1% at the opening of trading. The dollar at 10:00 Moscow time amounted to two cents 57 RUB — a jump of 1% compared to the value at the close of the day before (of 56.4 RUB).

Futures on stock indexes in the U.S. decline by 0.23 to 0.28%, emerging-market currencies are getting cheaper, but predictable rising prices for gold and other defensive assets. “Markets were looking for a reason to sales,” says managing to Shaw and Partners Ltd. James Odiss (quoted by Bloomberg). “What will be the reaction of the markets — short-term or longer depends on the international community’s response to the incidents,” said a market strategist at Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Ayako Sera.