During the U.S. attack on the Syrian base were the Russian military

The us military has warned the Russian side about the impending attacks on Syrian air base Shirt, announced on 7 April, the representative of the Pentagon. American military planners have taken precautions to minimize the risk for the Russian and Syrian personnel at the airport, the report said U.S. Department of defense.

The fact that the US has made efforts to strike at Syrian airport there were no casualties among Russian troops in Syria, told CNN the adviser to the President on national security General Herbert McMaster. The US “tried to avoid casualties on the Russian side,” CNN quotes the statement McMaster.

The officer of the Syrian army stationed on the territory of the airfield shirt during the impact of American missiles, confirmed that at this moment on the territory of the airport were Russian soldiers. “The information on victims among the Russian did,” said soldier, who asked not to disclose his name. According to the officer, the Russian military are still on the airfield. The Syrian military also said that the military leadership of Syria, he received information about a planned missile attack, the U.S. Navy, therefore most of the aircraft was derived from the airfield.

Some military equipment was transferred to the airfield T-4 West of Palmyra in HOMS province, he said. At the moment, according to him, it is known that destroyed four fighter and three helicopters that were in the time of the attack not in the hangars and took corrective maintenance”.

The Russian defense Ministry in a statement on the U.S. attack did not result the data about the presence of Russian troops on the territory of the base. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said the lack of casualties among Russian troops after the US strike on Syrian airbase. sent a request to the Ministry of defense.

Part of the aerodrome designated under forces of the Russian VKS, writes Sky News Arabia. Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis said that the USA had not attacked the terminal area, which, in their assumptions, was attended by the Russian military.

The British newspaper the Times in December 2015, reported about plans of Russia to open a second airbase in the territory of the airport shirt. “About 50 or 60 Russian soldiers stationed there, they are provided with housing, while some of them live in HOMS, which is located near the airport. As far as I know, there have been placed 10 military aircraft and 15 helicopters that fly out to strike at the Eastern part of HOMS,” — said one of the locals the Times newspaper. (Quoted by “Interfax”)

Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov in December 2015 denied the reports. “There is no operational need to deploy a new Russian “air bases” in Syria, as far-fetched “under strategy” was not”, — he said at the time.