“Kommersant” told about the arrest of FSB two failed suicide bombers

Among the detainees of the FSB in St. Petersburg and Moscow, where the investigation failed to go studying the phone calls alleged bomber of Akbarjon Jalilov and his correspondence in an email can be two of the failed suicide bomber, writes “Kommersant”, citing unnamed participants in the investigation.

According to this investigation, Jalilov as one of the few members of the terrorist group who had a Russian passport, was recorded in metro two improvised explosive devices, to actuate which by pressing the buttons. One explosive device was supposed to blow Jalilov, and the second accomplice, who for some unknown reason to meet in the subway was not.

Then Jalilov, getting rid of the second bomb on the “Vosstaniya Square”, an explosive device in the backpack he got on the train, where he soon committed a suicide bombing, which killed 14 people and more than 60 passengers were injured.

The investigation admits that his accomplices were preparing to commit the third attack, writes “Kommersant”. As well as the metro and other transport facilities were by that time taken under heavy guard, the new location of the explosion could be another place of a mass congestion of people. For a new attack could be the chosen place of mourning in memory of the victims of the attack, suppose the interlocutors of the newspaper

Previously, “Interfax” with reference to its sources reported that law-enforcement agencies of St. Petersburg are considering the possibility that the confederates Jalilova could use it as a “living bomb”, without his knowledge.

According to the interlocutor of “Interfax”, that the alleged suicide bomber “is likely not going to be undermined, and was to place bombs in two places in the underground and hide”, according to “many factors”, including the behavior Jalilov, and that a supporter of radical Islam, he became “just some time ago”, and suicide bombers are prepared “specifically and for a long time”

Series of searches and detentions were conducted in St. Petersburg the forces of Regardie and the FSB on 5 and 6 April. For example, as a result of the search in the apartment of the house number 22 building 1 on the Friendly Avenue of St. Petersburg were found an improvised explosive device in the housing of a fire extinguisher, improvised explosives, weapons, ammunition and extremist literature. In addition, due to the discovery during the search of “explosive objects”, evacuated inhabitants of two entrances. In the apartment there were three men, detained them.

Earlier, on 5 April, searches were conducted in the St. Petersburg apartments of several friends of the alleged suicide bomber of Akbarjon Jalilova.

As a result of operative-investigative activities detained eight people who can be involved in the terrorist attack on the stretch between “hay” and Technological Institute”, two in Moscow, the other in St. Petersburg, said yesterday in the TFR.

On the afternoon of 3 April, on the stretch between the stations of St. Petersburg metro station “Technological Institute” and “Sennaya Ploschad” in the train explosion. According to the latest data, 14 people died, dozens of people were injured. Another explosive device which was later defused, found at the metro station “Ploschad Vosstaniya”.

According to police, the bomb blew a suicide bomber. SK called his name Akbarian Jalilov, he is an ethnic Uzbek, who has long lived in Kyrgyzstan and then got Russian citizenship.