The Kremlin confirmed that the warning strike on an air base in Syria

Information about the impending missile strike by the U.S. Navy at the air base of the Syrian air force “Shirt” was provided by Russia in advance, was confirmed by press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

According to him, the warning was broadcast on the existing channels of information exchange, to Vladimir Putin “nobody called”.

Earlier, the representative of the Ministry of defence of the USA Jeff Devis has declared that the American military had warned the Russian colleagues about the upcoming attack on the airbase. He also noted that on those parts of the base, where they could be Russian servicemen, strikes deliberately not applied.

Another Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon told “Interfax” that the Russian military in Syria received a warning.

“I know that the staff used this database. We spoke Russian, we have notified them that they cleaned out your hand” he said and added that the United States “deliberately chose the time and day when it is unlikely that people can find inside this building.”

To answer the question of how intentional it was not used to intercept fired from US Navy ships of cruise missiles transferred to Syria from Russia air defense system, Peskov declined.

“No comment,” said press Secretary of the head of state.