The state Duma complained to the PACE and the OSCE on the actions of the United States “in the interests of ISIS”

The United States acted in the interests of the “Islamic state” (organization banned in Russia), hitting an air base in Syria, said in his the state Duma adopted on Friday, April 7, the appeal to world parliaments, inter-Parliamentary Union, PACE and OSCE parliamentary Assembly.

In the document, the deputies expressed the indignation in connection with the “gross violation” of the US the universally recognized principles of international law: refraining from the use of force and threats of force, respect for human rights, the sovereignty of States and noninterference in the internal Affairs of States.

Deputies say that Washington used to attack the “false pretext” — the death of the inhabitants of the province of Idlib from chemical weapons of unknown origin. Without prior investigation of the United States “because of the geopolitical ambitions of world policeman once again demonstrated the commitment of the military action to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad,” the document says.

Russian parliamentarians do not rule out that the chemical attack in Idlib province was a deliberate provocation of those “forces of war” who would like to return to a policy of administration of Barack Obama to overthrow Assad. All this is contrary made by the new American administration statements about the need to fight international terrorism together with Russia, the statement reads.

All this “evil” is reminiscent of 2003, when the Americans invaded Iraq, say MPs. “The Americans were in fact acting in the interests of ISIS, this is prohibited in Russia organizations reprieve and the opportunity to rebuild their forces, badly battered as a result of successful actions of Syrian government forces”, — concluded the Deputy. The name of the American President Donald trump MPs do not mention.

On the night of April 7, the U.S. army has released more than 50 cruise missiles at the airbase of the Syrian government forces in HOMS province. The attack was ordered to take the US President Donald trump. It was his response to the chemical attack on 4 April in Syria, where the administration of the trump accused the regime of Bashar al-Assad, noted the Pentagon.

The Russian side criticized the U.S. attack. Press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that Vladimir Putin considers the actions of the US “aggression against a sovereign state,” foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has compared the attacks with the invasion of Iraq. The Ministry of defence stated “low effectiveness” of the strikes, noting that to airbase flew only 23 rockets. The officer of the Syrian army stationed on the territory of the air base during the impact of American missiles, confirmed that at this moment on the territory of the airport were Russian soldiers.