The Syrian army said six of the dead in the missile strike USA

The shelling of the air base Chauhan cruise missiles “Tomahawk” killed six Syrian soldiers. SANA reported citing a statement of the General staff of the Armed forces of Syria.

One of the four air bases the Syrian army has incurred “substantial damage,” he told the Syrian army, adding that a rocket attack on the airbase was struck at 3:42 local time. “Blatant aggression” from the United States confirms their wrong policies, and undermines the counter-terrorist operation pursued by the Syrian army, according to the General staff.

“This makes the United States an ally of the DAIS and other terrorist organizations”, — stated in the message of staff. DAIS is the new name of the “Islamic state” (an organization banned in Russia).

According to the version of the Syrian military, United States army of his blows sent a message to terrorist organizations that they can further use chemical weapons. A response to the actions of the United States will “continue to carry the national debt” to “crush terrorism,” said the Syrian General staff.