“Trump is a bad actor”: foreign media about the missile strike the US in Syria

The Washington Post, USA

“According to the American administration, Russia is seeking to confuse the world community in regard to the use of chemical weapons against Syrians, saying that the responsibility should be borne by the opposition. “Russia comes up with wrong facts supporting the Assad regime and its supporters, as it did after the attack on U.S. military convoy in Aleppo, in September of last year or after the chemical attack on the ghouta in 2013, the statement of authority, just as always, after another of the atrocities of the Assad regime”. The USA offer Russia a choice — to put pressure on the Syrian President, or to admit diplomatic failure”.

The New York Times, USA

“The theme of the missile strike will be Central at the meeting of U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson and Russian President Vladimir Putin, to be held next week is the first meeting of the Russian leader with a representative of trump. Before the attack on the Syrian base was assumed that the meeting will discuss the Russian cyber attacks and Russia’s intervention in the American elections.

But Syria’s actions give the administration trump the opportunity to demand from Putin to make a choice — to continue or not support the Assad regime. In the case that the Russian President will choose Assad, trump could expand American influence in Syria.

What is known about the missile attack on the United States airbase in Syria

However, trump still at risk. First, the plan to put pressure on Putin may fail. The Russian President may have preferred to see trump’s head of US, but he is unlikely to agree to accept conditions that threaten its influence in Syria, which remains for him a major foothold in the middle East. That is where the main military base of Russia outside the country.

Second, Assad attacking trump may complicate their main task is to defeat ISIS (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization. — )”.

Fox News, USA

“The growing confusion over Syria — another obstacle to trump’s rapprochement with Russia on the international arena. In addition, the American President and his associates are involved in a complicated investigation into a possible Russian intervention in elections in the United States and the help of Trump. But even the slightest concession on the part of President Putin, and trump doesn’t stint on the compliments to the Russian leader can turn to his accusations that he is doing a favor to the former KGB agent Putin.”

As the civil war in Syria has become an international problem. Chronicle

The Guardian, UK

“Donald trump, the man who only a month ago wanted to ban Syrian refugees entering the United States, now wants to convince us that are very concerned about the fate of Syrian children. I don’t believe it. And believe that trump is a bad actor. He was so in his old TV show, and remains so today. Saying, “a bad actor”, I mean that he is a bad game, including causing many of the issues that concerns the moral side. <…> I think the administration knows exactly what he wants in the end. His speech on Thursday, he ended with the statement that its main goal “to defeat any terrorism.” Good luck with that. Meanwhile, the main problem remains the same: to finish any war the US always starts a war even more ambitious”.

Der Tagesspiegel, Germany

“Trump is very emotionally reacted to a chemical attack in Idlib. This incident changed the way trump on Assad and Syria, which had not attracted special attention of the President. “Now it’s time to answer”, — said the President of the United States”.