Before the attack Jalilov told about the plans to finish the house and get married

Last trip

In the city of Osh in southern Kyrgyzstan correspondent met with Ahror by Jalilova, the younger brother of 22-year-old About, according to investigators, killed on 3 April in the subway of St. Petersburg and claimed the lives of 13 people. Akbar worked in Russia since 2011, the last time he came to Osh in February 2017, said his younger brother, 17-year-old Ahror. This information was confirmed by a source in the Republican interior Ministry.

“He was with us for 10-15 days. Wanted to relax, then get back to work. While he lived with us, anywhere especially did not leave. Played computer race, was fond of machinery,” recalled Ahror recent arrival of the brother.

Home of Akbar is located in the neighborhood He Adyr densely populated by ethnic Uzbeks. This house Jalilov moved when the father and his sons completed it in 2009. In an old house in the district of Turan, to the uncles and aunts Ahror not ridden, so it looked like a farewell before his death, noted in the family Jalilovich.

“Akbar did not read namaz, do not go for Friday prayers. In February, upon arrival, never went to mosque, I did not notice that it somehow changed the behavior,” he assured Ahror. He had not seen in the house of any suspicious literature, nothing unusual was discovered on a home computer that was used by Akbar.

Akbar was never attracted to religion, his aunt confirmed Curie and Erkinoy and homeroom teacher Fatima Kadyrzhanova. She taught Akbarian from the fifth to the eighth grade at school No. 26 named. Toktogul and described it as the quietest boy in the class and the average achievement of the student. About he loved football, physical education, computer science and Russian, taught poetry, in chemistry and physics he was two, says the teacher. Neither she nor the relatives do not believe that he could build a bomb.

After eighth grade, Akbar left school and soon, in 2011, went to St. Petersburg — settled in the service station, following in the footsteps of his father, who worked as a foreman body repair.

In 2011 Jalilov senior helped 16-year-old son to issue the citizenship (by right of presence of the Russian passports to the father) and returned back to Kyrgyzstan. His son remained in Russia alone, the citizen of Kyrgyzstan he never received. Communication with relatives he supported on the phone, told Ahror.

After moving to Russia every year, Akbar took a vacation and went to Osh with my family, but in 2015 and 2016 and I broke this tradition, remembered the younger brother: “I asked him when he came in this February, “Where have you been all this time?” Akbar said that he had served in the Russian army”. However, the relatives don’t have photos of the deceased from the army and they do not know what exactly military unit he could serve.

According to his brother, Akbar had planned this year to build an extension to her father’s house, then return from Russia home finally to find a wife. About, despite its own plans to return to Russia, offered brother turning 18 to go to St. Petersburg to work at the sushi bar for “good salaries”. According to the memoirs of his brother, every month he sent home 10-15 thousand rubles., then, when it became a sous-chef, — 15-20 thousand rubles.

“Pure” biography

Ahror has confirmed that the photographs of the remains Jalilova, which appeared in social networks after the explosion in the train in St. Petersburg metro, it was his brother. Agreed with this one close to the family Jalilovich the source .

But Jalilov do not believe that Akbar himself decided to become a suicide bomber. Relatives believe that he was framed, tricked forced to take a bag and a backpack with a bomb and then having remote detonation.

Father and mother of Akbar the next day after the attack, was summoned for questioning to the State Committee for national security (SCNS) and the Ministry of interior. “At eight in the morning on Tuesday pulled him in for questioning PJ’s and no socks from the bed,” remembered aunt Jalilova, Jr. His mother and father back after questioning home on Saturday, April 8, said the Consulate General of Kyrgyzstan in Russia.

Ahror immediately after the explosion was called in for questioning to SCNS and the Ministry of interior. “During interrogation I was told that Akbar is associated with the “Islamic state” (ISIL, a terrorist group banned in Russia. — ). But he had no reason to contact ISIS,” he said.

Jalilov — “the boy from a prosperous family,” said the representative of the press service of the police Department to Osh Zamir Sadykov. According to him, the whole incident shocked the residents of Osh. “In recent years he lived in Russia and what happened — an error of the Russian security forces, the FSB and the police,” said Sadykov. He assured that Kyrgyz security forces are doing everything possible for the prevention of extremism in the country.

A source in the interior Ministry of Kyrgyzstan confirmed that “Kyrgyz” biography exploded in St. Petersburg Jalilova, Jr. and his entire family “pure” — it has no police, none of the family is not registered and does not have ties with radical religious currents. “Dangerous liaisons” from the About could have arisen in the last years of his life in Russia when he was away from her family, to draw conclusions by the security forces. The source said that the police have no information about the attempts About to enter Syria, but did not rule out the presence of such information is at the SCNS.

Press Secretary of the secret service Rakhat Sulaimanov proposed to address all questions on the investigation to the investigative Committee, as Akbarjon was not a citizen of Kyrgyzstan.

Details of the biography of Akbar, his St. Petersburg period of life, the possible versions of the terrorist attack and alleged ties of explosions in Russia with the radical groups will be published in a report on Monday.

The victims of the attack on 3 April in Petersburg the subway were 14 people, including the bomber, and more than 60 injured. After the explosion, all the stations of St. Petersburg metro was closed, and security forces have discovered another, more powerful bomb at the metro station “Ploschad Vosstaniya”. This type of device is characteristic rather for the middle East of the Islamists than to the North Caucasian bandit underground, said experts who reviewed a photo of the VCA.

In the TFR said that the bag with the explosive device at “Vosstaniya Square” was discovered genetic traces Jalilova. “On the basis of examination of CCTV footage found that the bag at the station left the same person who blew up the car” — said the official representative of SKR Svetlana Petrenko.

About the arrest in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, St. Petersburg alleged accomplices of the terrorist attack TFR announced on Thursday evening, April 6. In conjunction with the FSB and the interior Ministry in the Northern capital arrested six men and two in Moscow. Three of the detainees were chefs at Sushi Wok. On Saturday, alleged accomplices of the terrorist act were arrested.

House possible terrorists were confiscated firearms, ammunition and an explosive device, identical to what was found at “Vosstaniya Square”. Before the search took place in apartment Jalilova. Investigators found materials (tape, foil, etc.), which, presumably, was used to manufacture bombs.