Reuters learned about sending strike groups of the U.S. Navy to the Korean Peninsula

Strike group, the Navy will sail from Singapore to the Western Pacific ocean around the Korean Peninsula. About it reports Reuters, citing a source in the US administration.

The movement of carrier strike groups is due to the nuclear threat posed by North Korea and the growing military potential of the country, he explained. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, the group will head to the Peninsula from Singapore. The group will include the aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson,” he added.

“We believe that the increased presence is needed,” the source said, noting that North Korea’s behavior is alarming.

The day before, on April 8, the national security Council (NSC) of the USA proposed to us President Donald Trump methods of influence on North Korea, reported NBC. Among the ideas — the murder of the head of North Korea Kim Jong-UN and his inner circle that has access to nuclear weapons. Also among the ideas proposed sending to the country of subversive groups and the deployment of nuclear weapons in South Korea.

Washington expressed the hope that China will be able to actively influence the policies of Pyongyang through the expansion of sanctions and diplomacy. If it will not stop the authorities of the DPRK from building nuclear capabilities, the U.S. can move to a fundamentally different action.

April 5, the DPRK made another rocket start. The rocket launch by the DPRK denounced Japan and South Korea. During a telephone conversation between Donald trump with the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, the parties recognized that the next missile test of North Korea is a “dangerous provocation and a serious threat.”

In turn, South Korea after reports of the launch by Pyongyang of the rocket once convened an emergency meeting of the national security Council. In Seoul, the missile tests were also considered a “provocation”.