Reuters learned of the desire of Denmark to prevent the construction of “Nord stream-2”

The Danish government has proposed amendments to legislation that will allow to block the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream — 2” for reasons of national security and foreign policy, according to Reuters

“We want to have the ability to say “Yes” or “no” based on considerations of our security”, — said the Agency by the Minister of energy and climate Lars Christian Lilleholt. Now the Danish government intends to hold talks with other countries to enlist their support.

Currently, a veto on the construction of the gas pipeline in its territorial waters Denmark may impose solely on the basis of threats to environmental security, but the Department of energy and climate of Denmark I think that this question needs also to submit for the consideration of the European Commission.

Earlier this week, Nord Stream-2 AG officially sent a request to the Danish authorities for a building permit in the territorial waters of the country, Reuters reports.

The representative of Nord Stream-2 AG has not yet responded to the request .

Earlier this year, the European Commission addressed to Denmark and Sweden with a proposal to take over the negotiations for the construction of the “Nord stream-2”, encouraging them to Express their attitude to this project. In its letter, the Commission stated that the pipeline cannot be built in a “legal vacuum”.

“The willingness of a country to change domestic legislation and for political reasons to block Nord stream 2 looks strange,” says the analyst Vygon Сonsulting Maria Belova. According to her, Denmark and the earlier negative attitude to the project: the country was disturbed by environmental factors, but these fears were dismissed. “Now “perturbation” of a different order: Denmark responded to the call of the European Commission, to find a reason to counter the project. Letters with such a request the European Commission has sent Denmark and Sweden. At the same time the European Commission has no formal grounds to block Nord stream 2, as it is not covered by the third Energy package,” says Belov.

According to Reuters, the European Commission failed to find any formal reason for blocking the construction of “Nord stream-2”, however, there is the consideration of this question intend to delay as long as possible.

Reuters notes that European countries are divided into those who see their direct benefits in the construction of the pipeline, and those that see this project as increasing the dependence of European countries on Russian gas.

The pipeline “Nord stream-2” will cross the Baltic sea from the Ust-Luga of the Leningrad region until about the German coast (near Greifswald, near the exit point of Nord stream). The length of the route is more than 1,200 km Hasproved passes through the exclusive economic zone or the territorial waters of Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.