The parliamentary opposition suggested ways of mitigating the act parliamentary meetings

The mitigation of the law

In the state Duma took place the first meeting of the Interfactional working group for the preparation of a bill equating parliamentary meetings, the rallies, said three members of the meeting. In opposition require a major shift in the initiative of the Deputy from Moscow, Irina Belykh (“United Russia”). This was stated in the Communist party, LDPR and “Fair Russia”.

The Communists proposed to expressly provide that meetings of MPs with voters in the yards are not subject to the rallies, “so that people are not scared to go,” said the Deputy from the Communist party Yuri sinelschikov, attended the meeting. United Russia responded that “to think”, and Vice-speaker of the state Duma from “United Russia” Sergei Neverov suggested that the opposition to draft amendments, said the Communist.

Deputies from all factions have put forward proposals, some of which found General support, was told by the Deputy from LDPR Yaroslav Nilov. In the near future amendments will be prepared, for example, members agreed that it is necessary to reduce the notice period to require municipal and regional authorities to allocate premises for meetings with electors, and for the denial of such premises to enter responsibility lists Nilov. According to him, the notification procedure should be simplified: the Deputy must be able in any way to notify the authorities via the electronic mail, telegram, through his aides.

We also consider the possibility of identifying specific places such as Hyde parks, where it was possible to hold such events, said Nilov. Legislatively it is necessary to clarify that if a member is present at the event, which he is not organized, he is not responsible for his conduct, said the Deputy from the liberal democratic party.

One of the key demands of the opposition — to enshrine in law a provision that “the meeting of the Deputy without the use of amplifying equipment is not a rally,”
told spravoross Oleg Shein, who was present at the meeting of the working group. He, however, doubts that United Russia will take into account all the proposals of the opposition: “This bill is directed against the parliamentary opposition, as non-parliamentary parties are very few deputies.” Shein predicts that, most likely, for the second reading the bill can really reduce the application deadlines and also to “settle the issue of premises”. “But you have to understand that not all settlements of such premises is, and the main place of meeting with the deputies there is the street” — said the MP.

The next meeting of the working group is planned through the week, said Shein.

Do not rush

The amendments of the Deputy White introduced procedures for the notification of meetings of the deputies, wishing to communicate with voters, the parliamentarians will have to submit a request for approval of the event no later than seven days (for ordinary meetings minimum ten days). At a meeting with voters in designated places the law will not apply.

5 April, the state Duma adopted amendments in the first reading. I voted against all three opposing factions.

The terms of project consideration in the second reading, to call is premature, said two of the interlocutor in the state Duma. The resonant bill could be considered after “will be cleared of all differences between the parties” and to rush the deputies with the adoption of the initiative, no one will, said the source close to presidential administration. According to the source, certain adjustments to the law the Kremlin is ready to support including “to strengthen the responsibility of local authorities for failing to provide premises for meetings of the deputies”.

“A bill that limits meetings of deputies with voters, bad fit with the course assistant on the maximization of communication of United Russia with the citizens, which he carried out while working in the Kremlin, said the analyst Abbas Gallyamov. The expert recalled the famous formula Volodin with whom he played during last Duma campaign — “a yard is a unit of political space.” The speaker tries a new bill to mitigate, as far as he will allow the Kremlin, the expert believes.