Ukraine took the first place in terms of corruption in business

Ukraine became the first the level of corruption in the business among the countries of the region EMEIA (Europe, middle East, India and Africa), a research of Ernst & Young.

The study was conducted from November 2016 to January 2017. It was attended by 4,100 people in 41 countries. 88% of respondents said that they often face corruption in business in Ukraine. This figure increased by 8 percentage points compared to the year 2015, he became the highest among all countries examined by the authors of the study.

Second place in the ranking took Cyprus, followed by Greece, Slovakia and Croatia. Russia the study took 16th place. About 66% of the respondents believe that they often have to deal with corruption. This indicator increased 6 percentage points compared to the year 2015. The lowest level of corruption in the business sector, according to a survey by Ernst & Young, recorded in Sweden, Switzerland, Finland and Norway. The last place in the ranking is Norway, where corruption said 6% of respondents.

51% of respondents believe that in their countries corruption is widespread in business. About 77% of the members of the Board of Directors or senior managers stated that they could justify “unethical behavior” to help business.

27% of respondents said that bribery in their companies is “usual practice” to win contracts. Among them half of respondents were from Western Europe. 28% of respondents believe that prevention for prevention of corruption has become more effective. This indicator increased by 4 percentage points compared to the year 2015, indicates Ernst & Young.

“Despite positive signs of improvement in some emerging economies, more than half (51%) of
respondents in EMEIA still perceive bribery and corruption as a serious problem,” — said the head of the company’s fraud investigation and dispute services Jim Maccari.