Foreign Minister “seven” did not support new sanctions against Russia

The foreign Ministers “the seven” has decided not to strengthen sanctions against Russia and Iran because of chemical attack in Syria. “At this moment there is no consensus on new sanctions as an effective tool for achieving objectives in Syria,” — said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Italy Angelino Alfano at a press conference at the summit of foreign Ministers “the seven” in Lucca. The question of sanctions, according to Alfano, set by the British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. During the discussion was dominated by the line on the need to involve Russia, which should lead to cooperation for the sake of ending the military conflict and the revival of the political process, said Alfano.

Russia should be allowed out of the corner in which it has driven itself, supporting Assad, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, April 10.

Warning Moscow

Despite the abandonment of strengthening sanctions at this stage the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson at the summit made strong statements against Moscow. According to him, the Russian Alliance with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Iran and the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah does not meet the interests of Moscow. Russia, in his opinion, chose to face Assad’s “unreliable partner.”

“We want to create a secure and stable future for Syria. Russia can be part of this future or may continue to support the Alliance with the group, which, we believe, in the long run will not serve the interests of Russia” — quoted Tillerson Bloomberg.

“We all understand that the rule of the family of Assad coming to an end and the question is how it will end and what will be the transit,” said Tillerson. Press Secretary of Russian President Peskov, Dmitriy on April 10, said that “mantras” on the necessity of Assad’s departure are counterproductive and all sides need to continue negotiations in Geneva and Astana format.

Tillerson, speaking to reporters shortly before his departure to Moscow, reiterated Moscow responsible for the implementation of the agreement on the destruction of chemical weapons in Syria from 2013. According to him, it’s not clear why Russia has not fulfilled its obligations.

In the summit the Minister of foreign Affairs, “seven”, which includes USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Japan and Italy, was also attended by the foreign Ministers of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Qatar. These countries advocate the removal of Assad, reminds Bloomberg.

For Syria without chemical weapons and indivisible Ukraine

Summary of two-day foreign Ministers “the seven” were summed up in the statement published by the Italian Ministry of foreign Affairs. The block on Syria, “seven” supported the efforts of Russia and Turkey truce in the country, which was announced on 29 December 2016. Turkey, Iran and Russia, as guarantors of the armistice, the Ministers of the seven countries urged to provide adequate pressure to ensure that the truce was respected. The Ministers expressed concern about the multiple failures of the armistice in which, according to them, mainly to blame the government forces of Assad.

The facts of use of chemical weapons is a concern for Ministers. They called for an investigation by the UN and the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW). “We are shocked by reports of use of chemical weapons in avaadore for Khan Sheyhun in Idlib on April 4,” — said in a statement. All the countries “the seven” earlier blamed the incident on the Syrian government.

Response of the United States the statement called “carefully measured” and dealt on targets that were involved in the attack. Russia and Iran are the countries “the seven” are encouraged to use their influence on parties to the Syrian conflict to safeguard the investigation. Russia and Iran, the US actions are condemned.

Russia has the potential to help resolve the conflict and restore stability and unity of Syria, defeat ISIL, stated the Ministers. “If Russia is prepared to use its influence, we are ready to work together to resolve the conflict in Syria, promoting the political settlement,” — said in a joint document.

The section of the document for Ukraine, “seven” expresses the conviction that the crisis in this country can only be resolved by diplomatic means in respect of Ukrainian independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty. The country reiterated its condemnation of the “illegal annexation of the Crimean Peninsula by the Russian Federations” and reaffirmed “the policy of non-recognition and sanctions against those who took part in it”.

“Seven” called on all parties to fulfill Minsk agreement. The countries “the seven” has pointed out that the Ukrainian side, much has been done to implement the Minsk agreements, but “there is a lot to be done”. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov has repeatedly in recent weeks talked about the sabotage from Kiev fulfill the Minsk agreements.

Russia is an important international player and regional and global challenges without cooperation we cannot solve, stated in a statement. Among the common interests of nazvali the fight against terrorism, extremism and joint action on migration, fight against illegal proliferation of nuclear weapons.