In the Duma proposed to allow the police to shoot the crowd

The fire in the crowd

State Duma deputies proposed to amend the law “On police” and to allow employees of the interior Ministry to open fire in the crowd to “prevent a terrorist act, the release of the hostages, the reflection group of an armed attack on a critical and potentially dangerous buildings or facilities of public authorities”. From 2015, this right applies to employees of the FSB. In July 2016 the same powers, on the proposal of the President was endowed with the soldiers of Regardie.

Amendments on Tuesday, April 11, was made by the head of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Vasily Piskarev and his Deputy Ernest Valeev. The authors emphasize that the document was prepared on the basis of the proposals of the working group established under the Committee in 2013. The adoption of the bill Piskarev and Valeev explain the need to protect “the rights and legitimate interests of citizens”. They emphasize that in the legislation there are “a number of challenges to the bodies of internal Affairs to effectively perform their duties to protect citizens and society from criminal encroachments”.

In addition to the right to shoot “with a significant crowd of people”, the deputies proposed to allow police to open fire on the women, if they have no “visible signs of pregnancy”. A similar rule would apply only in exceptional cases, for example if a woman see the belt with explosives, says the President of the Association of veterans of counterterrorism “alpha” Sergey Goncharov. However, the relevant reservation, he said, should be spelled out in the document. “The amendments duplicate the law that already applies to Regardie and connected with the issues of terrorism, insists the potters. — If it’s just demonstrate with a poster on it, and no one will shoot”.

The document States that the MVD should be able to penetrate the “residential and other premises, land and territory” to hold caught at the scene of the citizens. Now the police can enter the apartment only for detention of suspects, should be prosecuted. However, Piskarev with Valeev emphasize that police are obligated to inform about the facts of penetration of the owners, court and Prosecutor’s office. The MPs also want to allow operatives to open the vehicles to rescue citizens trapped inside, to ensure the safety of people at mass riots and emergency situations, to apprehend suspects, prevent crime or to check the information about the threat of a terrorist attack.

The need to give police the right to open the car is long overdue, said the head of the Union of the Moscow police Mikhail Pashkin. “People broke the law and was closed in the car. To evacuate it is impossible to beat the Windows, too, because it’s private property. Now the police in these situations just do not know what to do,” said Pashkin.

Inspection in the cordon

The bill stipulates that the police at the time of the cordon area can inspect citizens and their personal belongings and transportation. “In case of refusal of a citizen to undergo personal inspection or submit for inspection vehicle and the goods carried, the police has the right to prevent its passage and the departure of the vehicle from such areas until the lifting of the cordon”, — the document says.

Relatives of victims of police must notify on what assistance was provided to citizens and where they were hospitalized. The amendments expand the list of relatives to contact the police: instead of “close relatives” this needs to be “relatives or close persons”. Finally, in the case of amendments, the police will have a duty to help psychiatrists to deliver to citizens in medical institutions, “including the adoption of the relevant decision of the judge on the request of the medical organization.”

“The state guarantees the presumption of trust and support the police officer in the performance of his official duties. A police officer cannot be prosecuted for actions committed during the performance of [their] duties,” reads the bill. Finally, the current version of the law proposes to remove the paragraph, according to which “the police apologized to the citizen, rights and freedoms were violated by a police officer”.

The trend in the empowerment of the security forces remains the last several years, said in a conversation with the head of the international human rights group “Agora” Pavel Chikov. However, he noted that almost all of these in the bill the powers the police already have. “The police have the right to use firearms in the suppression of crime. They have the right to enter a home even without a court decision, if there is a reasonable suspicion that there is hiding a criminal. In this sense, the initiative is more focused on the creation of a media effect, but nothing more”, — said SORS.

Strengthening of police powers “to some extent, justified by” what is happening in the world and Russia, but reform should be “not so harsh” indicates Goncharov.

Valeev co — authored bills that allowed the FSB and the National guard to use weapons in the crowd. These documents have enabled the counterintelligence investigators use any means for self-defense, or at detention of the criminal. For the FSB then also introduced, and restrictions, particularly the ban on contacts without the authorization of management with foreigners, foreign media, international organizations and NGOs “performing the functions of a foreign agent”.