MIA is an adaptation of migrants will be engaged in the Agency by nationality

Culture against terrorism

Federal Agency for the Affairs of nationalities (FADH) will be responsible for the integration and cultural adaptation of foreigners. The relevant draft presidential decree prepared FADH, published on the Federal portal of projects of normative legal acts.

The document will be signed by June 1, said a source in the FADH. Before the adaptation of migrants engaged in the Federal migration service (FMS), in April 2016 the service abolished and all its powers are formally passed the interior Ministry, “but in fact no one has ever successfully not engaged,” said the former Deputy head of the FMS, the President of Fund “Migration XXI century” Vyacheslav Postavnin.

Due to the increasing number of migrants, in particular young people from neighboring countries, increasing the risk of conflict, crime and involvement of visitors in the activities of extremist and terrorist organizations, said in the explanatory note to the decree. “As a rule, the representatives of the [youth] do not speak Russian, unlike older generations, who lived in the USSR, does not share the values related to friendship of the peoples and respectful of ethnic and religious relations”, — said in the document.

To solve these problems, the authors of the explanatory note of the proposed work on social and cultural adaptation of migrants. In this regard, FADH will develop the draft law “On social and cultural adaptation and integration of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation” (thesis is), in which they propose to separate their own authority from the authority of the interior Ministry. For the Ministry the authors of the project leave the functions of control, supervision and rendering state services to migrants.

In Russia there are 10 million foreigners and 85.1% of them come from the CIS, stated in the explanatory Memorandum. Their share among the total population of Russia, if you take into account illegal migration, approaching 10%. Attracting labour force from abroad due to the fact that the percentage of disabled Russians continues to grow, stated in the document.

No money

How exactly FADH will work in a new direction, is unclear. “With so much [as now] a number of people and volume of funds, I hardly see how we will solve this problem, but the task is set, we think. No money for that in the budget”, — said at the session of the Duma Committee on Affairs of nationalities the head of the FADH Igor Barinov.

He offered to Finance the program of socio-cultural adaptation of migrants in subsidies to the regions either by funding regional programs. Funding to attract business, says Barinov. The Agency can provide only methodological support of the programme, he added.

“Migrants from Uzbekistan, the man who 16 hours a day laying brick, will not adapt, he doesn’t mean to come here,” he said during a meeting of the Committee, MP from the faction “United Russia” Mikhail Starshinov. In his opinion, the migrants need not socio-cultural, and General educational standards.

Barinov said that young migrants away from the homeland often fall under the influence of radical organizations. “When young people come from Central Asia, where they were not very religious, but, once here, they begin to get involved in an extremist environment,” he said.

The draft President’s decree came after the attack on 3 April in the subway of St. Petersburg. According to investigators, the suicide bomber was a native of Kyrgyzstan Akbar Jalilov. As found , before moving to Russia, he was not religious and had no ties with extremists.

Earlier, in the fall of 2016, the President urged to create a special Federal body, which will deal with the adaptation of foreigners in Russia. The government should support NGOs that are engaged in international collaboration”, conservation and protection of culture, traditions, languages of the peoples of Russia, the social adaptation of migrants”, said the President.

The old idea

The idea of socio-cultural integration of foreigners in Russia is not new, but in fact it “always comes down to songs and dances,” and besides, “its serious implementation has never allocated money,” said Postavnin.

“Terrorist attacks do not community, specific individuals, so prevention of terrorism is primarily the work of intelligence services”, — says analyst Abbas Gallyamov. In his opinion, FADH, can play here only a supporting role to help shape the generally favourable background. The decree, he said “the standard bureaucratic response”: “Once something has occurred, it is necessary to hold a meeting to draw up a list of errands and to release some of the legislative act. Then no one can say that the government is doing nothing”.

The transfer of adaptation of migrants to FADH — “good news,” said the head of the research group migration and ethnicity Ranepa Evgeny Varshaver. According to him, the FMS as a power structure could not effectively engage in the adaptation of migrants.

According to the observations of experts, the government under the “integration” implies the assimilation of language and adherence to common standards. However, according to Varshaver, for real integration of migrants should be a dialogue between them and the host society. “Now is not enough specific forms of interaction between migrants and non-migrants in the society, which in many ways is integration. The implementation of these forms should be addressed to the authorities in cooperation with NGOs of different nature,” — said the expert.