The chief architect of Moscow estimated the timing of demolition of five-story building in 30 years

The programme of demolition and resettlement of five-story building in Moscow can take up to 30 years. This assessment led in an interview the chief architect of the capital Sergei Kuznetsov. “It is quite possible to say that 20 years or 30 years — the normal time for such a program,” he said. Kuznetsov recalled that the first program of demolition of five-story building in Moscow has launched nearly 20 years ago and she’s still not finished. For a new, more ambitious program might need more time, considers the chief architect of Moscow.

Areas of the buildings are among the least developed in the city, the building density there is an average of 10 thousand square meters per hectare, despite the fact that the average standard is 25 thousand square meters per hectare, said Kuznetsov. It’s not the most efficient use of land resource, “which in Moscow is very expensive,” says the architect. Often in a five-story areas “not filled with anything vacancies, difficult to identify the” yard, “not what we could call today”, he enumerates.

The number of storeys of the blocks after the renovation increases. While there is no indication that the Muscovites dissatisfied with the construction of “homes with a large living floors”. “There is no basis for decision-making in favor of non-increasing density and increasing height. I must say honestly that people move into these homes,” said the architect.

The renovation of the blocks will determine the need for Parking spaces. To build for each apartment a Parking place today is impossible, it is necessary to examine the demand and “volume needs,” said Kuznetsov. In addition, it is planned to increase the density of the road network, but the “highways” appears, the official added. Movement will be handled on intra quarter drives.

The authorities have already started to prepare architectural competitions for the first quarters and the project is likely to invite the Moscow and foreign architects, because they “know the environment”, said the architect. According to Kuznetsov, the world practice of the renovation shows that local architects are better in solving similar problems “with a very strong local flavor.”

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In late February, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin and Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the capital necessary to demolish all of the building. Under the bucket gets almost 8 thousand houses with total area of 25 million square meters, which are home to 1.6 million people, or 530 thousand families. The project cost is estimated at 3.5 trillion on March 10 in the state Duma was introduced the bill, which gives Moscow authorities broad powers for the demolition of houses and relocation of people. The document has already found violations of the Constitution. The bill will be considered in the first reading in late April. Preliminary lists of the first houses to be demolished should be announced by may 1. The Federation Council has proposed to extend the programme of demolition of buildings at other regions.