The parliamentary opposition opposed the replacement absentee ballots

The author of the amendments to the law “On presidential elections” Senator Andrei Klishas proposed to abolish absentee ballots at the elections to be held in March 2018. Instead, the voter will be able to write a statement for inclusion in the voter list at the place of location.

It gives voters “the right to vote at the other site for absolutely uncontrolled procedure”, according to the Communist party.

Now the voter to receive an absentee certificate, shall personally submit the application and passport, but the new scheme allows to include in the voter lists of every Wick of the region without any documents, on the basis of only one application submitted in writing, by telephone or through the Internet, said in a memo, the Communist party about the “bill Klishas” (note has).

Suggestions Klishas legalize the vote of the people, not spelled out on the site in any quantity and without clear control mechanisms conclude the Communists.

Claim to this norm is the “Fair Russia”. The faction will not support the package of amendments on the presidential elections, said the Chairman of the faction Mikhail Emelyanov. “We have no understanding of how to be controlled by the opposition, and whether it will lead to a “carousel (organized vote in the group voting in several areas)”, — said the Deputy.

The CEC claimed that all statements on the ballot will be included in a single base — station Commission in this case learns about the voters who decide to not vote at the place of residence.

Amendments Klishas in addition to the cancellation of absentee ballots allow you to postpone the presidential elections for the week ahead — on March 18, the anniversary of the annexation of Crimea. The Communists believe that this manipulation with the date of voting will give to Vladimir Putin, if he will announce the participation in the elections, the extra 2%.

The 2% extra votes will not affect the election, but the need for reporting of the presidential administration, believe the Communists. “For the political process 71% or 69% have no meaning — it is a bureaucratic games: want to play — let the game”, — explained in the note by the Communists.

The author of the initiative Klishas necessity of postponing the elections is not explained.

The liberal democratic party will determine its position on the amendments Klishas on Wednesday at a meeting of the state Duma Vice-speaker from LDPR Igor Lebedev.

Earlier amendments Klishas was approved by the Duma Committee on legislation. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin will take time to consider the idea of postponing the election date. The CEC welcomed this initiative, noting that the later date is more convenient (no change proposed Clisham, that elections can take place on March 4 or March 11). The experts saw the postponement of elections attempt covert agitation on the voting day, under the guise of concerts on the anniversary of the annexation of Crimea.