The participants of the “case of Nemtsov” revealed details about the location of the assassination policy

A suspect in the murder of politician Boris Nemtsov Anzor Gubashev in the evidence at the inquest, said that the crime scene was not identified in advance criminals, and was chosen spontaneously, reports “RIA Novosti”.

According to him, the killer several times, she lost Nemtsov and feared that he would be able to escape the surveillance. Criminals, said Gubarev, at some point wanted to leave, but saw him with a girl through the window of the cafe. “We waited, I realized that he’ll walk, and he went over the bridge. Zaur went after him, gave him shots in the back, jumped in the car and we left,” announced the testimony of the Prosecutor.

On the investigator’s question as to why the crime was chosen Bolshoy Moskvoretsky bridge, the defendant answered that “turned out to be the case.” “We got him. We watched it for a long time, and nothing. The other option was no more, once he was caught. Would have gone — had another month to follow. Once I got a chance,” added the accused.

In testimony Gubarev noted that Nemtsov was not personally acquainted, the information about it gathered from social networks. He also told how the crime has occurred.

“This man (Boris Nemtsov. —) we have removed. We is my brother Zaur (Dadaev — the alleged killer Nemtsov. —) and Beslan (Savanov, was killed during the arrest. —) . There were three of us. I followed that man since January. Eventually found it… We followed him, and on the way back, his brother was killed, and two of us had a car and took him”, — quotes Agency the words Gubareva.

These readings are Anzor Gubashev gave during the investigation earlier. He currently refuses this testimony and denies any wrongdoing. It is for this reason the testimony was read out during the court hearing, the Prosecutor. Video recording of the conducted questioning, the Agency said, tested by experts. They came to the conclusion that pressure on the suspect was not, his speech is “spontaneous, but well-known subject,” he is in a state of “moderate mental tension”.

Politician Boris Nemtsov was murdered on the night of February 28, 2015, when he passed on the Big Moskvoretsky bridge, which is located opposite the Kremlin. The main suspects in the case are Zaur Dadayev, Khamzat (for vresii the investigation, has provided executors with necessary information), Temirlan Eskerkhanov (track the movement of Nemtsov), and the brothers, Anzor and Shadid Gubareva.