Usmanov has declared its intention to sue Navalny

The main shareholder USM Holdings billionaire Alisher Usmanov (№5 in the list of Forbes) is going to sue the founder of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny. This businessman told TASS.

Usmanov has explained that the basis for going to court was the publication of Navalny, who, according to the billionaire, discredits his honor and dignity. “Navalny leads people astray, and his statements are slander. I am a long time paid no attention to his false statements, in order not to create unnecessary PR, but the last stuffing slander, he crossed the red line, accusing me of committing a crime,” he said.

The businessman also emphasized that the Bulk no “moral right” to accuse him, because he does business “transparently and legally.”

Last week official representatives of USM Holdings was denied the chance of filing such a claim in response to the request . At the time of publication of the material holding did not provide comments.

In early March, 2017, the FCO has published an investigation about the residences of the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and its related funds, which could receive up to 70 billion rubles in donations. In particular, in the investigation said that the sotsgosproyekt Foundation, which is headed by a classmate of Prime Minister Ilya Eliseev, received the gift from Usmanov land with a mansion in the village of Znamenskoye on Rublevsky highway cost 5 billion rubles. in addition, it was alleged in the investigation, the funds associated with the people around Medvedev, has received donations from the richest businessman of Russia Leonid Mikhelson, as well as loans of Gazprombank and “Bashneft”.

The lack of reaction to the investigation was the cause of the mass anti-corruption rallies were held in the largest cities of Russia. The scale was inconsistent with the authorities of the rally in Moscow. According to the officials, it came to 8 thousand people. According to “OVD-info” more than 1 thousand people were detained by police.

Medvedev himself has commented on the charges FBK only a month after the investigation. On April 4, he said that the investigation about its real estate and related funds is made for “compote”. “Take it all different kinds of rubbish, any rubbish is collected about me, if it’s about me, about my friends, about the people that I have never heard… Collect some papers, photos, clothes. Then create a product and present it,” — said Medvedev during a meeting with workers of factory “Tambov bacon”.

According to the Levada center, after investigations FBC approval rating of the Prime Minister fell to just 10%. According to the results of a survey conducted in the period from 31 March to 3 April 2017, the share of Russians approve of Medvedev’s performance as Prime Minister fell from 52% (Feb figure) to 42%. While 57% of citizens said they did not approve of his activities (vs. 47% a month earlier).