What foreign media write about the meeting with Putin, Tillerson

Business Insider, USA, 07.04.2017

“I think the Russians have not so much expect a breakthrough [in Russian-American relations], and the events in Syria will only add fuel to the fire,” said Michael McFaul, former U.S. Ambassador to Russia during the presidency of Barack Obama. However, he believes that the Russians a warm welcome Tillerson in the hope that his visit will smooth out sharp corners before meeting Putin and trump”.

The New York Times, USA, 10.04.2017

“Tillerson will be extremely difficult to carry out their tasks when it arrives on Tuesday in Moscow as senior leaders of the administration trump. During the meetings with the Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov and President Vladimir Putin, if held (it is unclear whether these meetings are organized and scheduled), he must make a strong caution; but he also needs to find a way to move forward together in the fight against “Islamic state” (declared a terrorist organization and prohibited in Russia. — ) and then to solve the question of the fate of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

…General atmosphere of suspicion and condemnation of Russia for its actions in Syria indicate that the main trump’s advisers on national security are pushing him to adopt more traditional policies towards Russia. When Tillerson was the head of ExxonMobil, Putin awarded him the order of Friendship, and he understands that this fact and its relationship with Russia cause a strong suspicion. Therefore, the current Secretary of state most active in the American administration is trying to distance itself from the Russian leader.”

Contra Magazin, USA, 10.04.2017

“Messages about who and why cancelled [Tillerson meeting with Putin]. On the one hand, it is reported that Putin canceled; on the other hand, it was allegedly Tillerson. Perhaps we, mere spectators in the parterre of international politics, never know the official truth about who first refused to meet.

As a result of American attack and bombardment suffered by the territory actually controlled by the Russians, which we can assume is unlikely to have pleased Putin — the conclusion is that Putin has decided to cancel a meeting because of this bombing.

In principle, this failure is not surprising, given the current international and diplomatic climate. Thus the Russian President also shows that in light of the launch of the “Tomahawk” of the USA in Syria people are not ready for such symbolic gestures.”

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What media wrote about the appointment of Tillerson U.S. Secretary of state

The Wall Street Journal, USA, 12.01.2017

“On Wednesday, January 11, Rex Tillerson, spoke at the hearing on his confirmation at the Senate Committee on foreign relations, where he quite clearly stated his views on Russia and American interests… In General, he demonstrated discretion and a high degree of awareness.

His sober look at the situation contrasted sharply with the hype that began after the publication of the allegations — completely unproven — that a Russian has some incriminating information regarding Donald trump, and that Russia cooperated with the assistants elected President to influence the outcome of elections of 2016″.

The Guardian, UK, 18.12.2016

“From the issuing of the candidates Tillerson ties with Russia made him the target of suspicion in the “game for the two sides.” In 2013, Putin awarded him a Russian order of Friendship. Tillerson also on the short leg with Igor Sechin, head of Russian state oil company Rosneft, a former KGB officer and de facto second most important figure in the Kremlin.

Controversial links with Russia surfaced at the moment when the most urgent theme of politically — after the statement of the CIA that Kremlin hackers stole the e-mails to the leadership of the Democratic party to help Trump. Newly elected President dismissed the findings of the CIA, calling them “ridiculous”.

In addition to oil and gas companies, the Obama administration also imposed sanctions on Putin’s friends, including Sechin. Sechin said that he wants “…to ride on the roads of the USA on a motorcycle along with Rex Tillerson”. At the moment, Sechin denied entry into the country.”

VOX, UNITED STATES, 15.12.2016

“Donald trump has appointed the head of ExxonMobil Rex Tillerson Secretary of state. The confusion about the appointment due to the fact that trump in the coming years will be to consider one of the most important foreign policy decisions — remove or not the sanctions against Russia. Exxon had in this country a multibillion-dollar investment whose fate is at stake.

At that time [in 2014, after the “annexation” of the Crimea] Tillerson told shareholders that he is against the point of anti-Russian sanctions. “In General we do not support sanctions, as we believe they will be ineffective if you do not apply them comprehensively,” said he in may 2014.

A potential conflict of interest is very significant. Tillerson owns shares of Exxon at $218 million, and his pension will amount to $70 million. However, it is unclear what he will do with these investments, having joined the administration trump. However, it is clear that Tillerson will very soon be able to exert influence on the issue of sanctions and that their abolition would be manna from heaven for Exxon. It is possible that he will be honest and fair and will make their judgment on this issue, based solely on the political interests of the country. But the shadow of this conflict will constantly loom on the horizon.

This question is also very interesting Russian President Vladimir Putin… If the sanctions are not lifted-and if Russia fails to lure Western oil companies back in the country in the coming years will inevitably lead to the decline of oil and gas. And if the government in this situation would be to act clumsily, the state budget and the country’s economy will be severely hit. In many respects Putin and Exxon need each other. But Tillerson was now between them.”

Deutsche Welle, Germany, 14.12.2016

“Rex Tillerson is a friend of Russia. It’s official fact: the head of the Board of Directors of energy group ExxonMobil received Russia’s order of Friendship in 2013. It happened after he signed a historic agreement on the joint company Rosneft to develop oil fields in the Russian Arctic. They said that this deal could bring the sides up to $500 billion Tillerson is also a friend of the Russian President. “My relationship with President Vladimir Putin began almost 15 years ago, I know him since 1999, and we have a very close relationship,” — said a few years ago, he Rex Tillerson at a meeting with students of the University of Texas at Austin.

When between Russia and the West in March 2014, dramatically increased tensions over the annexation of Crimea, Rex Tillerson showed himself as a skilled tactician, concluded the newspaper the New York Times. The company ExxonMobil under his leadership dutifully followed the sanctions imposed by the us administration against Moscow, although Rex openly opposed them. This is understandable: the American oil company suffered billions in losses due to the freezing of some projects. But at the same time, behind the scenes Tillerson has managed to maintain good relations with the Russian authorities and to prove that he is ready to continue business in Russia.”

Forbes, USA, 13.12.2016

“The future representative of the political elite of the USA has deep ties with Russia, Dating back to the days of Boris Yeltsin. Tillerson, once head of oil operations ExxonMobil in Yemen in the 1990s, he supervised the Russian oil giant. In 2011 he spent a billion-dollar deal with Russian state company “Rosneft” the partner on the Arctic shelf of the country, the rich oil and gas deposits”.