Putin left Volkov, head of Mordovia Republic until the election

Russian President Vladimir Putin left Vladimir Volkov at the head of the Republic of Mordovia until scheduled for September 2017 elections.

In accordance with the decree of the President of the wolves, who held the post of head of Mordovia to may 2012 and submitted to the President’s statement on the early resignation at his own request, was appointed acting head of the region.

“Much has been done during this time, but still work enough. Therefore, on the basis of objective analysis of what succeeded, what failed to do on the basis of the analysis of the sentiments and wishes of the people living in the Republic, it is necessary to adjust his work in the future,” Putin said during last Wednesday’s meeting with Volkov (quoted by “Interfax”).

Earlier on Wednesday it became known that the predecessor Volkova on a post of the head of Mordovia Nikolay Merkushkin may leave the post of Governor of the Samara region According to a source close to the administration, care merkoushkin may be announced early next week. A source close to the Kremlin, calls for another term leaving the Governor during the month.