Sobyanin promised before may 1 to know the residents of Khrushchev’s opinion on the demolition

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has promised to conduct a survey of residents to be demolished five-story building before turning their home in a renovation programme. About it the mayor wrote on his page in the social network Vkontakte.

According to him, the survey will be completed by may 1, according to its results will be compiled a list of the houses slated for demolition, after which a vote would be taken. “The list will include home the majority of residents do want this,” Sobyanin promised, and explained that the final vote will be held during may-June 2017.

In February 2017, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin advised the mayor of Moscow Sobyanin Sergey to carry all of Khrushchev in the capital. In March 2017, it became known that the demolition of five-story building is scheduled to begin in homes series I-510 I-511 I-515, built in the late 1950’s — early 1960-ies.

Such in Moscow is now about 4 thousand, in total it is planned to carry about 8 thousand blocks on 640 thousand apartments with total area of 25 million sq. m. most houses of such series is located in the Eastern and South-Eastern districts of the capital.

The city authorities decided on the first series of five-story building under demolition

In a press-service of the Complex urban policy in Moscow insist that “tolerable” series in the new program will not. “Renovation is planned in a quarterly mode and will depend entirely on the desires of the residents. If Muscovites from a particular quarter do not want to enter into a program of renovation, to relocate them and demolish the house, no one will no matter which they of series”, — said the Agency.