The accused of treason to the FSB have written a letter to the authorities

Head of Department of investigation of computer incidents “Kaspersky Lab” Ruslan Stoyanov, who was arrested along with members of the information security Center of the FSB in the investigation of cases of high treason, sent letters to the authorities and the public. About it reports TV channel “Rain” with reference to the texts of the messages, the authenticity of which was confirmed by the lawyer Stoyanov.

According to the channel, Stoyanov dictated texts of the messages during meetings with lawyers. They accused tells the story of how the Russian authorities are recruiting cyberhawks for the performance of public tasks. As “payment,” says Stoyanov, hackers offered protection from the attention of the security services.

In the letter, Stoyanov argues that “in recent years there is evidence of “amatriciana” Russian-speaking cybercrime” and “attempt to negotiate between cyberswindlers and state officials”. “The deal the government gets access to technology and information “cyberware” in exchange for permission to steal with impunity abroad,” writes Stoyanov and warns of the dangers of such a partnership.

“The worst scenario is to give the criminals immunity from punishment for stealing money in other countries in exchange for intelligence. If this happens, you will see a whole layer of “thieves-patriots” who violates the principles of the rule of law and the inevitability of punishment,” reads one of the letters. According to Stoyanov, faced with difficulties in the attacks on the international financial institutions, these hackers can “discard all Patriotic ardor”, and then Russia will receive “a new wave of crime in the country.”

According to him, if Russia decides to “press a wave of “Patriotic” hacking”, then immediately faced with a huge technological and human superiority of the new Russian cybercrime.

In the case of treason, arrested four people. In addition Stoyanov is the head of one of departments of information security Center (Tsib) of the FSB of Russia Sergey Mikhailov, senior operations officer of the 2nd operational Department of the Ciba Dmitry Dokuchaev, as well as an Internet businessman George Fomchenkov. They were all arrested in early December 2016.

What is imputed to the accused is unknown. The FSB never officially commented on the circumstances of a criminal prosecution. According to Reuters, “the defendants “passed secret information to the American company Verisign or other commercial organizations, who in turn passed the data to U.S. intelligence”. The source familiar with the investigation confirmed this information. The representative of Verisign told Reuters that the information is not confidential.