The United States accused Moscow of fraud and attempts to hide the chemical attack in Syria

The administration of Donald trump has published a small part of a secret report on the use of chemical weapons in Syria on 4 April. Declassified a four-page fragment of a report published by the newspaper The New York Times.

It says that Russia is the main ally of the regime of Bashar al-Assad deals with the fact that “covers” it. The document refuted the statements of the Russian authorities that the attack was a “provocation” and that used against the civilian population of the substance could not be sarin, and other stuff.

“Moscow responds to the incident on 4 April the attack, using the same familiar scheme to which she resorted in response to other horrific actions. It spreads many conflicting messages to create confusion and sow doubt in the international community”, — the document says.

The report provides examples of such contradictory messages. So, Russian version, on 4 April, the aircraft of the Syrian air force bombed warehouses of the terrorists on the outskirts of Khan shaykhun. At the same time, Syrian military sources, the document says, reported that government aircraft carried out flights in the area at this time.

In addition, said the authors of the document, the video shows that the blow fell not on the ammunition depots in the outskirts and residential areas in the Northern part of the city, as confirmed by satellite images from independent sources.

Senior White house officials, commented on the publication of the report on the condition of anonymity. According to them, Russia’s aim is to conceal the guilt of the Syrian government in the chemical attack. At the same time, neither the press Secretary of the President of the United States Sean Spicer or other senior White house officials have not commented on the possibility that Russia knew in advance about preparing a chemical attack, and refused to give explanations on charges in the attack on the hospital that treated the victims, to hide the evidence.

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Earlier a White house spokesman told Reuters that the US has enough “dimensional array” data collected from a variety of sources. It’s too big for any intelligence could “to make in such a short period of time.” According to the staff of the White house, Russia produced “contradictory versions” about what happened, to “exonerate” the Syrian government.

The US said that the involvement of the regime of Bashar al-Assad to chemical attack no doubt, referring to a secret report about this crime. On April 7, the U.S. Navy launched a missile attack on the airbase Shirt, which, according to them, flew the aircraft with chemical munitions.

Russia has consistently said that the incident requires an investigation, and the involvement of the Syrian government it has not been proven.