Usmanov has denied the information on withdrawal of tax residency Russia

Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov said that is a Russian tax resident and pay taxes according to Russian legislation. He told about it in interview to the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

“And yet I am a tax resident of Russia, all the personal taxes I pay here. With more than half of the income from which paid the taxes, I earned not in the Russian Federation: it is basically the profit from operations in securities markets outside of Russia”, — said Usmanov.

In October 2016 the holding company USM, which is the umbrella structure for the assets of the businessman, said that Usmanov spent in Russia less than 183 days during the year. “Because of this, and also for medical reasons in 2015, he has not spent in Russia is required by the Tax code of the Russian Federation 183 days to confirm the status of a tax resident of Russia”, — said the representative of the Forbes holding.

In an interview with “Vedomosti” Usmanov explained that according to the holding he held outside Russia for more than 183 days, but it was not the loss of the status of a Russian tax resident. “And it all somehow made this conclusion,” — said the billionaire.

“At the same time I just as an individual has paid Russia more than $400 million in taxes (including tax returns for the year 2016),” added the businessman.

At the same time in December 2016, the “Interfax” quotes the words of Usmanov that he will regain the status of a Russian tax resident as soon as you cease to hold the office of President of the International fencing Federation (FIE). “I am a citizen of Russia, and, of course, as soon as my so-called period of the election to this post, I will return to the tax residency of Russia, if not will call for my small home (in Uzbekistan. —)”, — said Usmanov.

He did not elaborate then, a tax resident of any jurisdiction he was, saying only that it is not Switzerland where the office of FIE. “I have to live there and be registered, so we’re in a period of time until I was elected President of the Federation, I should be there. Everything else is speculation,” — said the billionaire.