City hall insisted on deadlines for challenging the eviction of the buildings

State Duma deputies, representatives of the city hall bill on the demolition of five-story building in Moscow, said Chairman of the parliamentary Committee for housing policy and housing Galina Khovanskaya. The working group meeting was held on Wednesday, April 13. It was attended by representatives of several Duma committees and the Vice-mayor, chief of staff of the Moscow government Anastasia Rakova, Deputy.

The deputies presented their conclusions on the bill with comments. With some of them in the city hall agreed, says Khovanskaya. For example, city officials are ready to give the bill a definition of “renovation”. They also agreed to clarify that the eviction of the owners to court possible through 60 days after it is sent to residents suggestions about moving, and after they receive these documents. In addition, the bill agreed to more clearly prescribe that new housing is provided in the area of residence not only to the owners and social tenants.

To soften the wording regarding the eviction by the court in the mayor’s office refused, said Khovanskaya. The decision on the termination of the right of ownership of the apartment will take effect immediately after notification. The owner can only appeal the fact of the equivalence of provided housing, but not the actual eviction. Deputies and representatives of the municipality also disagreed about the procedure for obtaining the consent of the citizens to the inclusion of the house in a renovation programme. Officials propose to conduct surveys on the website “Active citizen” and by phone, and by bedridden patients and the disabled will receive social workers.

“There must also be a decision of the General meeting of the house. There may be representatives of the Council or the government, to avoid fraud. — the Chairman of the parliamentary Committee. — In the mayoralty assert that the protocols “draw”, and the police have no time to engage in such violations”. In the capital the government claim that they have complete database of all owners, and problems with the user identity in the Active citizen should arise, said the Deputy.

The first reading of the bill is tentatively scheduled on April 20, said Khovanskaya. The Chairman of the Committee on transport and construction of the United Russia Yevgeny Moskvichev confirmed the meeting with Moscow officials on the bill on the five-story building. “The purpose of the meeting was to discuss with representatives of the city hall comments, which stated in its conclusions Duma committees,” said Moskvichev.

A bill on the demolition of five-story building was submitted to the Duma on March 10. He gives the Moscow authorities broad powers to carry almost 8 thousand blocks, which are home to 1.6 million people.