CNN learned of the interception by U.S. intelligence negotiations on the preparation of himataki

US intelligence intercepted Syrian military specialists on chemical weapons, which discussed preparations for a chemical attack with sarin in Idlib, reports CNN, citing a senior administration official Donald trump.

The source told CNN that the United States intercepted a high volume of messages in countries such as Syria and Iraq, but these data are often never processed, “unless there is some specific event that requires that analysts search for intelligence materials.”

The intercepted conversation took place before the incident with the use of chemical weapons in Khan Sheyhun, however, was examined after the attack to find out who is responsible for it, indicates the source CNN. According to him, intercepted the negotiations, “leave no doubt” that the responsibility for the attack lies with the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The us official also noted that Russian is more cautious in its negotiations.

According to him, currently, the most tangible proof that a chemical attack in Idlib province on April 4 involved in the Russian military, the Russian drone is seen on a hospital that received assistance victims during this chemical attack. “The US has specific intelligence which indicate that it was a Russian drone,” notes CNN.

Chemical attack in the village of Khan shaykhun, South of Idlib in Syria took place on 4 April. The victims of the incident, according to UNICEF, were more than 80 people, at least 500 injured.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that there are two versions of a chemical attack in the Syrian Idlib. The first version, the President called in the air strike of the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) in a sweatshop with toxic substances. The second version, according to the President of Russia, could be “just a statement, that is a provocation.” “It is specially made in order to inflate the hype and create a background, a pretext for further pressure on the legitimate Syrian authorities”, — said Vladimir Putin.

The administration of U.S. President Donald trump blamed the chemical attack on the Assad regime, calling the actions of the government troops “disgusting.” Press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer said on Tuesday that the United States are working to establish the circumstances of the incident, however, the American administration sees this as trail the actions of the Syrian regime.

Damascus the use of chemical weapons denies.

In the declassified part of the report the White house published by the newspaper the New York Times 12 APR partial responsibility for what happened in Khan Sheyhun imposed on Moscow. The report States that Moscow “covers” the perpetrators of the chemical attack in Syria, and seeks to confuse and distract the international community from investigating the use of chemical weapons.

In the Kremlin’s accusations of Russia’s involvement in chemical attack in Syria called the “information mess”. According to Peskov, “about all these allegations a lot of conflicting information,” and the Kremlin does not know where such information goes.