Seasonal festivals will cost Moscow in half a billion rubles

Moscow will spend on the organization of festivals in 2017 more than 511 million rubles At the end of November last year, GBU “Moscow fair” played the tender for “carrying out the shopping, entertainment and cultural events” from December 2016 to January 2018. The contract value amounted to 591,9 million rubles, of which about 80 million rubles was spent last year on Christmas event. Festivals in 2017 and early 2018 it is planned to 511 mln.

Planning to hold more than 10 events, including the festival “Easter gift”, which started on 12 April and will last until April 23. In the city centre and parks organized 43 grounds on which to offer their products 143 participant. The festival has established more than 100 art objects, including 63 giant painted Easter eggs and 10 bells.

The contractor shall develop a concept and brand book of all the events in the capital, to equip the festival grounds, to provide them with electricity and to clean the territory. External decorations the city will spend 172,6 million rubles, according to the materials of public procurement. Chalets and other festival objects should be decorated with elements of wood, straw, fabric and other materials, the Windows are framed by curtains, the lower part of the facades and live plants in pots. You can use the prop elements of artificial coniferous and deciduous plants. At festivals you plan to use 3727 decorative elements, the average price for one detail – 46,3 thousand rubles For internal decoration of festival facilities which include wooden frame, flooring, furniture and decorations, will spend 63.2 million rubles. the Cost of processing a single object 331 thousand.

The planting will cost the city at 63.3 mln. On every festival site should be at least three live trees in pots with a minimum height of 2.5 m, as well as ornamental shrubs, potted flowers and trees with shaped canopy. Artificial plants shall not be more than 30% of all.

The head of the Department of trade and services of Moscow Alexei nemeryuk in conversation with found it difficult to specify how much the organization that is the Easter festival. Most of the costs, according to officials, occurred in the repair and installation of equipment and security of the festival grounds. Chalets and art objects have been preserved from last year, including 63 Easter eggs. The money was spent on their transportation and “partial repair”, the official said. “Easter eggs all last year, but the bells were installed new,” said Ameryk.

The competition for the organization of festivals in 2017 was won by OOO “MT-group” that conducted a similar city events, including the “Moscow jam”, and “Moscow autumn”. According to the SPARK database, the owners of the company specified Ugolkova and Lyudmila Alevtina Minin. Information about their professional activities in the public domain.

The Moscow authorities have played another 10 tenders for the decoration of city streets in the spring. We are talking about the installation of arches and galleries, decorated the living grapes, flowers, vases, ribbons and garlands, as well as support beams and supports in the style of the Easter festival. Bus stops equipped with special tablets, informing passengers about the Easter events in the city. All these activities will be spent 207 million rubles., calculated .

The celebration of the new 2017 Moscow government spent 3 billion rubles, most of which was spent on street design. Moscow established “dancing” light figures and garlands in the form of glasses.

Every year Moscow hosts more than 20 festivals under the title “Moscow seasons”, among them — “Journey to Christmas”, “Moscow jam”, “ice cream Moscow”, “Moscow cinema”, “back to school”, “Moscow Maslenitsa”.