The media learned about the details of trump’s plan to curb North Korea

The President of the United States Donald trump approved April 12, the US strategy regarding the nuclear program of North Korea, reports Reuters, citing informed sources.

According to interlocutors of the edition, developed an extensive list of measures that the United States may impose against Pyongyang, depending on his actions.

The interlocutors Reuters insist that the security measures aimed at deterring the DPRK are not a priority, and currently the administration trump considers primarily economic and diplomatic sanctions on North Korea. In this part of the action, said Reuters, can be applied, the United States unilaterally, and another part can be carried out by the UN.

Among them — an embargo on oil shipments to North Korea; a ban on flights of the state airline Air Koryo; restriction of export of seafood from North Korea and pressure Pyongyang through the assets of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN and his family.

By the UN can be introduced restrictive measures on employment of citizens of North Korea under contract abroad and also extended restrictions on the export of coal up to a full stop all deliveries, indicates the Agency.

Himself Donald trump in an interview with The Wall Street Journal said that currently, in countering the nuclear program of North Korea intends to focus on cooperation with Beijing, since China is the main trade partner of Korea and has a strong economic influence on the country.

He said that during a telephone conversation with XI Jinping, which took place on Tuesday, April 11, asked him to inform the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-UN that the US armed not only has aircraft carriers, but nuclear submarines. “We cannot allow North Korea to dispose of nuclear weapons. As long as they have no means of delivery (nuclear weapons), but they have to be,” said trump. He also said that they discussed the issue of limiting the supply of coal from China to North Korea.

Earlier, Donald trump has repeatedly stated that it considers North Korea as a major threat to U.S. security.

Currently, a group of American warships led by the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson began to patrol in the South China sea after a few weeks of active training in the Pacific ocean. In a group of American ships are also missile cruiser and two guided missile destroyers.

The publication notes that the Chinese foreign Ministry after a telephone conversation differed from what he told trump. In the comments of the Chinese foreign Ministry said that during the conversation both parties agreed that they have “multilevel mechanisms” for dialogue with the DPRK at a high level, but did not mention the trade restrictions with North Korea.

Reuters reminds that on Saturday, April 15, North Korea will be widely celebrated 105 years since the birth of Kim Il sung. About 200 foreign journalists will gather in Pyongyang on this day to celebrate the national holiday “Day of the Sun”. In 2012, the newspaper notes, Pyongyang in this day tried to test ballistic missiles, however the launch was a failure. Officials of North Korea will not comment on the upcoming event and did not disclose the details of the ceremony.

On Tuesday, April 11, North Korea warned the U.S. that it will use nuclear weapons in response to any military threat. The US and South Korea are technically at war since the Korean war 1959-1953 years ended in a truce, not a peace Treaty.