The media learned about the role of London in the investigation of relationships trump with Russia

The centre of the UK government communications (GCHQ) learned about “questionable interactions” between individuals associated with Donald trump, and people who were or were alleged to have been Russian agents, at the end of 2015. About this newspaper the Guardian said sources close to the intelligence of the UK.

The source claims that British intelligence gave American colleagues contact information of the environment trump with Russia. For six months, until the summer of 2016, GCHQ along with intelligence agencies of other Western countries share data about contacts entourage trump with Russia, said the source.

In the development of possible relationships the environment the future President with Moscow took part Germany, Estonia and Poland. One of the sources said that the work involved Australia, the other — that have contributed to the Netherlands and France.

The sources made clear that GCHQ has not conducted the planned operation against trump or his team. Data on interactions with Russia have been obtained “by chance during a routine monitoring procedures for intelligence activity.”

Abbreviation GCHQ had arisen in the media in connection with reports of possible links team trump with Moscow: after the Republican said about the tapping of phones in the Trump Tower appeared information that the surveillance trump has been involved in exploration in the UK. This, in particular, told the journalist of Fox News’s Andrew Napolitano. The reports referred to Napolitano and Secretary of the President of the United States Sean Spicer. Then GCHQ responded to the allegations, calling them “absurd”.

For several months, the intelligence agencies of different countries developed the same circle of people. Gradually, the secret service established “relationships” between objects, this information was passed to US intelligence. But intelligence agencies of the United States were reluctant to act on the basis of the information received as they would need a court order. One of the sources of the Guardian described the situation as follows: “the impression that US intelligence agencies just fell asleep. They (the intelligence services of European countries. —) said: “People close to Trump, interact with people, we believe agents of the Russian intelligence. You need to pay attention to it”. As said one of the sources of the Guardian, has reached the point that Robert hannigan, head of GCHQ then, in the summer of 2016 personally handed the collected information to the head of the CIA, John Brennan.

Brennan in August and September 2016 held a series of classified briefings with key members of the Democratic and Republican parties from among the members of the house of representatives and the U.S. Senate. According to one source the Guardian, then head of the CIA did not tell about the participation in the investigation of contacts Moskvoi British intelligence, but mentioned that information was received “from the allies”.

Later on the role of GCHQ informed the trump.

The newspaper’s source claims that US intelligence is fully connected to the development of relations of the environment of the current President “quite late”. FBI Director James Comey took a more active position only after the Republican victory in the presidential election.

National US intelligence released the unclassified part of the report about the “Russian trace” in the elections in the U.S. on January 6. The paper reported that intelligence agencies “with high confidence” believe that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin sanctioned actions aimed at interference in the election process of the President of the United States.

This was preceded by a private conversation with Donald trump, who was acquainted with the full version of the report.

The special Committee of the U.S. house of representatives on intelligence is expected to hold its first hearings on the possible Russia’s intervention in U.S. elections March 20. The meeting will presumably take part, James Comey, John Brennan, the head of the national security Agency (NSA) Michael Rogers, former Director of National intelligence James Clapper and former acting Minister of justice Sally Yates.


The objectives of the government communications Centre (Government Communications Headquarters, GCHQ) is the conduct of signals intelligence and information assurance the protection of state civilian agencies and the British army. GCHQ reports to the Minister of foreign Affairs, but is not part of the Ministry. 21 Mar GCHQ headed by Jeremy Fleming, his predecessor was Robert hannigan. The centre’s activities were described in materials published by former US NSA employee Edward Snowden. According to Snowden, GCHQ during a G20 summit in 2009, followed by talks mobile and electronic communications of foreign leaders, who arrived in London.