The organizer of “Eurovision” commented Russia’s refusal from the competition

The European broadcasting Union (EBU), the organizer of the song contest “Eurovision”, commented on “the First channel” on refusal to accept the options, would allow Russia to participate in the contest.

“Unfortunately, both proposals were rejected by the “First channel”. Therefore, Russia will not participate in the 62nd contest “Eurovision”. We really want all 43 countries have been able to take part in the competition this year and did everything possible to achieve this”, – stated in the EBU reply to the request.

The statement also quoted the Chairman of the Supervisory Council of “Eurovision” Frank-Dieter Rathbone. “We strongly condemn the decision of the Ukrainian authorities to impose a ban on entry of Yulia Samoilova, because we believe that it fully undermines the integrity and nonpolitical character of the song contest “Eurovision” and its mission to unite all Nations through friendly competition”, – he said.

Earlier, on 13 April, “the First channel” announced that it could not accept the options EBU, which would help Russia to take part in the contest, and refuses to broadcast the competition. The EBU offered the option of remote participation of Yulia Samoilova in the competition or to replace it with another participant.

“We believe he and the other option is unacceptable. Remote intervention discriminare Russian participant and is contrary to the rules and guidelines of the contest. The option of replacing Yulia Samoilova with another artist, in our opinion, can not even be considered”, – stated in the message “the First channel”.

This year Russia on “Eurovision”, which will be held in Kiev, was supposed to present Julia Samoylova. However, the Ukrainian authorities banned her from entering the country for three years. They motivated this step by the fact that Samoilova acted at the festival in the Crimea, which the Ukrainian authorities believe the temporarily occupied territory.