“The voice” has demanded from the Kremlin to make a financial poledancing transparent

Transparent poledancing

The movement to protect the rights of voters “the Voice” sent to the presidential administration and the Prosecutor General with the request to answer the following questions: whether the Kremlin was involved in staffing staffs future candidates and on what basis the administration advises candidates. Human rights activists are asking the authorities to clarify how the selection and coordination of consultants for staff associated with the support of the President of the country and the features of the Kremlin include the supervision of election campaigns of regional governors. Human rights activists are interested in whether the administration of the same amount to help other candidates and parties.

From the participants of elections and political consultants “the Voice” wants to know which funded “consulting help” spin doctors during the election period before the elections and formation of election funds, use of the budgetary funding. The “voice” of care and the way in which the involvement of political consultants in election campaigns of governors is legally binding.

These questions address the human rights defenders and the Ministry of justice. They are asking for power in a future election campaign of 2017 reveal an unofficial campaign funds and criminal sources of funding of electoral campaigns, to hold democratic and fair elections.

“The voice” invites the President of the country, the leaders of his administration and the Central election Commission “to Express unequivocal position on the inadmissibility of intervention of administrations at all levels in the electoral process.” “It is logical to bring politicalculture to the standards of financial transparency began with the “party of power” and acting heads of the regions,” conclude the defenders.

Money and manuals

Your query “the Voice” argues the media reports about participation of employees of the Kremlin administration in the selection and approval of consultants for the conduct of election campaigns of regional governors. For example, “Kommersant” reported that the political unit gives up the regions recommendations for hire certain political consultants,” and many governors are committed “to political consultant approved by the Department of internal policy (UVP) presidential administration”. A number of scientists have confirmed the fact of such approvals.

In a note of the publications referred to specific technologies, working with regional elites, and also refers to the collection of political consultants zamglavy Department of internal policy of the President (UVP) Alexander by Harachamim. “Voice” refers both to the public circulation of political consultants to the Kremlin with proposals for getting orders and the complaints about the lack of funding and manuals.

The regulation “On the administration of the President of the Russian Federation” does not say that the Kremlin is likely to agree on political consultants to candidates in governors and heads of republics, as well as monitoring of election campaigns of regional leaders. And article 13 of the Constitution establishes the ideological and political diversity in the state and that no ideology may be established as state or mandatory, reminiscent of “the Voice.”

The media has mentioned the negotiations between the political strategists and governors and were given specific price tags advisors, reminded the Voice. Human rights activists have also noted the participation of administrations of different levels in the election campaigns of the candidates nominated or supported by “United Russia”.

Shadow funds

In the “Voice” I think that often in the official financial reports of the candidates for traces of this consultancy activity is not detected, which leads to suspicion about the existence of illegal campaign funds. Human rights activists mention the token amount on political consultants in the reporting of election campaigns of candidates for Governor.

Igor Rudenya the Governor of the Tver region, nominated by “United Russia”, officially reported that they spent on their elections only 4.7 mln of the estimated costs of its election Fund “for payment of works (services) information and Advisory nature” spent $ 0., “on payment of other works (services) performed (rendered) by legal persons or citizens of the Russian Federation under the contracts” — 35,5 thousand RUB “to pay For other expenses directly related to the election campaign” and 2.3 thousand.

In the Republic of Tuva, where the “United Russia” ran Sholban Kara-ool, the size of its electoral Fund amounted to 2.5 million rubles For the above three article estimates he has spent 140 thousand rubles. And Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov reported about the electoral Fund with only 1 million rubles., of which spent less than 700 thousand costs for all three payroll items amounted to $ 0.

In some regions commercial company related to the political consultants get government contracts to conduct “research” during the election campaign and in the period between elections, said in the “Voice”. As an example they cite contracts “IMA-consulting” for 2016 with the Moscow authorities. More than 60 state contracts for information support of their activities and research cost 110,4 mln. “the Voice” indicates that part of these studies were conducted in the period of election campaign at elections of deputies of the State Duma, but the results remained non-public. awaiting a response to a request to “IMA-consulting”.

The “voice” of suspects on the budget are held closed sociological research, the results of which are the administration, and, presumably, their associated candidates. All this may indicate the use of budgetary resources in the interests of certain political forces, fear human rights activists.

Funding scheme

Politicians and spin doctors often advise not the candidates themselves, and their staffs, who are not participants of the electoral campaign, explained political strategist Vyacheslav Smirnov. “And in any case does not violate the law, because the councils cannot be considered as interference in the campaign,” he explained. “In terms of spending, if he [the candidate] pays for something that is not relevant to the campaign, the law on this says nothing. Money from the campaign accounts can be spent on anything to do with the elections”, — added technologist.

However, he continued, Smirnov, private expenditure to avoid withdrawal, it is necessary to pay the election bills. During the collection of signatures is the design of notaries, the official printed materials — brochures, flyers, and airtime. “If a candidate stands on the air and campaigning for himself, he in court can be removed from elections”, — said political consultant.

The activities of political consultants can be paid as from funds from the campaign accounts and from any other sources, I’m sure Smirnov. “There is normal practice, when a large Corporation sends some kind of Governor his adviser as a lobbyist and pay for the services itself. The Governor may listen or not to listen”, — he explained.

One of the authors of the statement, Grigory Melkonyants, does not agree with him. “All expenses of a candidate shall be paid from the election Fund, including any consulting,” he said . The head of expert group under CEC Andrey Buzin also confident that at the expense of the electoral funds shall be paid for all articles of consumption “associated with the achievement of a certain result on elections”. “From this point of view the services of political consultants, of course, to be paid from campaign accounts. But a subtle point, and tend to prove the violation in here is almost impossible,” said Buzin.

The analyst Abbas Gallyamov thinks “silly” to demand from the Kremlin’s lack of interest in the fate appointed acting governors, however, nothing to do with Vladislav Surkov, under Vyacheslav Volodin (both held the position of first Deputy head of the Kremlin administration), no one accused the Kremlin of what he chooses to governors, political consultants, because the governors did it on their own. Gallyamov believes that the services of consultants involved in the actual election, to be paid from the electoral account, however, the work of consultants only elections is not limited. For example, their long-term projects outside of elections may be paid from other sources.