“Vedomosti” learned of the intention Prokhorov to sell RBC owner of ESN

“Vedomosti” learned of the intention Prokhorov to sell RBC owner of ESN

Moscow. April 11. The owner of the group “ONEXIM” Mikhail Prokhorov once again attended to the sale of RBC media holding. According to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, the deal can be signed before 1 may. A potential buyer called the owner of unified social tax Grigory Berezkina. The sources close to the seller and to the consultants of the transaction, claim that the parties reached an agreement in principle. As a consultant acts “VTB the Capital”.

The RBC holding includes the newspaper, magazine, TV channel and news website, and the Internet-the edition “high technology” CNews. Also the group has a business on Internet hosting and domain registration, conferences, etc.

Representatives of Prokhorov, RBC and Berezkin refused to comment on the pending deal.

The intention Prokhorov to sell RBC appeared before. Last time talking about the impending deal came last summer, a few months after the searches in structures of “ONEKSIM”. The FSB then claimed that the searches are connected with criminal case concerning the Bank “Taurian” (open MFK, Prokhorov 47,45% of the shares). However, the media voiced a different version to the editorial policy of RBC holding, published a number of investigations in which there was a speech about the offshore companies, which allegedly have the respect of the people around President Vladimir Putin. Less than a month after the searches guide RBC resigned.

Then, according to “Vedomosti”, the buyers at RBC and was not found, and negotiating the sale was suspended. The sources said that Prokhorov was willing to sell the media company for $250 million (including debt of $200 million). Now one of the interlocutors of “Vedomosti” argues that Berezkin is going to buy RBC for an amount significantly less than $200 million According to some reports, the owner of the UST may purchase the whole business of RBC – both media and Internet hosting.

The Berezkin ESN group owns two oil-loading terminals (Uyar and Skovorodino), a 50.5% energotreydera Rusenergosbyt (the main consumer of Russian Railways), controls the “Rusenergoresurs” (the electricity supplier for Transneft). In 2007, ESN bought ProfMedia controlling stake of the publishing house “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. Also Berezkin is a co-owner of the Moscow version of the newspaper Metro.