After the publication of the declarations became aware of the divorce Minister Abyzov

Minister Mikhail Abyzov, who oversees open government, lost in 2016 not only the status of the richest in Russia Minister, but also spouses. In published on Friday on the website of the government of the Declaration on the income of the official in the last year mentioned his daughter and son, but which had previously been included in a Declaration of information about the wife not.

A source in the government said that Abyzov divorced his wife, which explains the lack of mention of it in the Declaration.

In 2016 Abyzov earned nearly 521 million rubles, in comparison with previous year its income rose by more than 14%, or by RUB 65 million, However even this increase has not allowed Abyzov to maintain its status as leader in terms of revenues in the government – Minister for North Caucasus Affairs Lev Kuznetsov in 2016, increased its revenue 12 times (47,87 million rubles to 582,1 million rubles).

Spouse Abyzova in 2015 he earned a total of 678 thousand. in addition, her property was listed located in Russia land plots with a total area of 5 thousand sq. m, two houses and two apartments. She also owned a residential house in the UK and disposed of on a leasehold apartment and a garage in the UK and part of a country house in Italy.

The wife Abyzova fleet consisted of two Land Rover vehicles as well as Porsche Panamera and Lexus LS460. All of these cars are from the Declaration Abyzova for 2016 have disappeared, but part belonged to the ex-wife of real estate abroad it is still mentioned. According to the Declaration, the daughter and the son of the Minister retained the right to gratuitous use of the UK residential house with an area of 211 sq. m. (the same area of the house, which previously was owned by his wife Abyzov).

At the same time, a list of the properties of the Abyzova has declined sharply. He disappeared from not only belonged to (according to the coincidence of area) spouse of houses, apartments and land plots in Russia, the use of which the company informed the Minister officially declared, but he owned himself the apartment in Russia (135,4 sq. m.). By the end of 2016 Abyzov retained only leased part of a country house in Italy.