Deputies of Moscow city Council has declared the forest and electric vehicles


Moscow city Duma deputies published the declarations on incomes for the year 2016. The richest Deputy of Moscow was the Chairman of the Commission on town-planning Oleg Soroka, a member of the Board of Directors of the construction company “pioneer”. During the year he earned 42.4 million rubles For second place — rector of the Higher school of economy Yaroslav Kuzminov (29.6 million RUB), the third — the speaker of Moscow city Duma Alexey Shaposhnikov (21.9 million RUB). Household income took first place Kuzminov: together with his wife, head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina; they made 56,5 million rubles.

Two deputies of Moscow city Council have earned less than their spouses. The President of the Commission on security Inna Svyatenko – 5.7 million rubles from her and 6.8 million RUB from her husband, and the head of the Commission for physical culture Kirill Shields – 7.4 million RUB from him and 11.4 million RUB from my wife.

The least of the deputies of the Moscow city Duma in 2016, earned member of the Communist party Nikolai Zubrilin — his annual income was 318,8 thousand rubles, his wife – 228,3 thousand RUB Second “end of list” — another Communist, Andrei Klychkov. During the year he earned 512,6 thousand RUB, the wife – 116,1 thousand RUB

The Chairman of the Commission on environmental policy, Pavel Poselenov, according to the Declaration, not earned in 2016! His wife’s income is also equal to zero. While spouses of two owns five apartments, land, house, five cars (including Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover) and other property.

Apartments in Bulgaria and the forest

Famous singer Nadezhda Babkina belongs to a house of 310 square meters, three apartments share in another apartment, a garage and a sauna. Babkina is the only Duma Deputy who declared overseas property. Two of her apartments in Bulgaria, their area of 79.7 sq m and 96.6 per sq. m. Also, it owns five plots of land in Russia with a total area of almost 7 thousand square meters, the Chairman of the Commission on science Alexander smetana three houses (to 312.8 sqm, 137 sqm and 137 sqm) and apartment with total area of 44,4 sq. m.

The Deputy Svyatenko for two with her husband has three apartments, three houses in the property, another house in the gratuitous use, the proportion of a quarter of the apartment, and four plots of land. Another apartment rents MP.

The largest site, has declared Mikhail Balakin is it in the lease up to 2052 is a forest plot of 10 hectares.

Without apartments and cars

Have 10 deputies of the Moscow city Duma is not in the ownership of housing. The five of them housing own wife, among such of the deputies — the Director Nikolay Gubenko, Zubrilin, Klychkov, Nina Minko, Alexei Mishin. The head of the Committee on culture, actor Yevgeny Gerasimov rents a cottage area 282,9 sq m “on the term of office of Deputy.” The cottage is a little larger (284,3 sq m) rent and former head of the faction “United Russia” Andrey Metelsky. Former speaker of Moscow city Council Vladimir Platonov rents two cottages with an area of 285 sq. m. and 267,2

MP from the Communist party Elena Shuvalova lives in an apartment with an area of 60.8 sq m seznamu. Kirill Shields and his wife lived in the apartment of the parents of the spouse area 109,9 sq m, and also removes removes the cottage at the time of the parliamentary authority. A Moscow city Duma deputies also have apartments in the gratuitous use.

Nine deputies of the city Duma and members of their families do not have cars, including Metelsky, head of the Commission on the legislation Alexander Semennikov the head of the Commission on public health services Lyudmila Stebenkova. The Chairman of the Commission on municipal economy Valery Telichenko two cars registered to my wife Mercedes and BMW.

In addition, Balakin has declared three boats, Gerasimov — ATV, the head of the Commission on education Anton Molev — motorboat, Pavel Poselenov — electric Tesla Model S. the spouse of a member of the Commission on health of the Nina p. Shastina is an all-terrain vehicle.