For 2016, Central Bank head Elvira Nabiullina has earned almost 27 million rubles.

The total income of the head of the Central Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina in 2016 amounted to little more than 26,94 million rubles, follows from the Declaration of income published on the website of the Moscow city Duma, Deputy of which is spouse Nabiullina Yaroslav Kuzminov.

In 2015, the income Nabiullina was more modest – a total of 24.1 million RUB Thus, the income of the head of the Central Bank grew by almost 3 million rubles.

Under the new Declaration, owned by the head of the Central Bank are still the apartment with an area of 112.2 square meters and the third part of the apartment with an area of 70.6 sq. m (both in Russia), as well as a car Jaguar S-Type 2003 model year.

He Kuzminov, who also holds the post of rector of the Higher school of Economics (HSE), 2016 earned 29,66 million rubles, which is almost 2 million rubles. more than the previous year.

Rector of the HSE also owns a third of the apartments with an area of 70.6 sq. m, house 326,1 sq. m and land plot of 1,470 square meters. All the real estate of the Deputy of the Moscow city Duma is Russia, but his car had not.

The most “paying” the Deputy of Moscow city Duma in 2016, the General Director of “Moscow specializing in the construction of residential and commercial real estate Group of companies “pioneer” Oleg Soroka. In 2016, its revenue totaled 42,44 million rubles.

On the opposite end of the ranking was the former President and Chairman of the Board of OJSC “PIK Group of Companies” Pavel Poselenov, which, according to his Declaration of income in 2016 was not at all.