Georgia refused to purchase Russian gas until the end of the year

Georgia refused to purchase Russian gas until the end of the year

Moscow. April 12. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of energy of Georgia Kakha Kaladze said that the agreement with Gazprom gives the country the opportunity not to depend on Russian gas, because the funds received from its transit to allow Armenia to buy gas from Azerbaijan.

“Until the end of the year all the necessary volume of natural gas will come from Azerbaijan,” Kaladze told journalists on Wednesday, commenting on the changes made Minenergo in the forecast the gas balance for 2017.

However, he noted that Georgia has the opportunity to purchase gas from Azerbaijan and Iran. “Today we have decided to completely boot Azerbaijani natural gas”, – said the Minister.

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According to him, after the two-year agreement with Gazprom, Georgia will have a more solid position, as by the time the to be built gas storage, which will enable less dependent on Russian gas.

In January-March the volume of gas received by Georgia from Russia amounted to 100 million cubic meters, including in February, it received 70 million cubic meters. a New Treaty with “Gazprom export” about conditions of transit of gas to Armenia calls for cash payment of the cost of transit.

The company guarantees payment of gas transportation through the territory of Georgia in 2017-2018 in the amount of 2-2,2 billion cubic meters per year, as well as the supply of gas to Georgia “on flexible terms, at a price of $30 per 1,000 cubic meters lower than in 2016,” that is for $185. Not disclosed the price of the transit, which is a trade secret.

According to the agreement, in 2017, Gazprom will pay the transit of gas through the mixed system – partly in cash and partly in raw materials, and in 2018 – only monetary calculations.

This year Georgia plans to 2,457 billion cubic meters of gas supplies from Azerbaijan will be 2,347 billion (95.5 percent).