In the Kremlin most of the real estate declared Sand and marmots

Owned by the family of Dmitry Peskov is more than just apartments — six. Four of them belong to his wife Tatiana Navka, one of these properties is located in United States. In addition, Peskov himself and his son also own stakes in two other apartments. The total area declared apartments 913 sq. m. Also owned by the family Peskov are also two plots of land and two houses with a total area of 9373 and 1133 sq. m. respectively, they all belong to the Pastor.

The family of Dmitry Peskov, turned out to be the richest in the Kremlin

The largest number of land plots owned by the family of Vladislav Surkov. Six of them, their total area is 49,34 thousand sq. m. the Family also owns two houses (total area 8.2 thousand sq. m.), guard house and apartment with an area of 59.4 sq. m. all these objects are owned by the wife Surkov, the assistant to the President, as his children, objects of real estate ownership no his Declaration.

For three plots of land are owned by family members of the assistant to the President Andrey Fursenko (total area of 6.27 sq. m) and the Deputy head of administration Magomedsalam Magomedov (of 3.03 sq. m).

Two houses, except the families and Peskov, Surkov also have family of the head of administration Anton Vaino, the Secretary of security Council Nikolay Patrushev and the assistant to the President Valentin Kozhin.

Two apartments are owned by family members of Vaino, and two aides to Putin, Yuri Ushakov Igor Shchegolev.

Less total real estate — one apartment is owned by the families of Deputy head of administration of Vladimir Ostrovenko (area 176,4 sq. m.) and the head of the presidential Protocol Vladislav Kitaev (Republic of Uzbekistan 146.3 sq. m.).