Kommersant learned about the record damage caused by financial crime

In 2016 the damage from financial crimes has made 201,2 billion rubles — the amount that was able to identify the completion of criminal cases in the financial sphere. This is 76% of the total damage, which amounts to 263 billion rubles, follows from the “Consolidated annual progress report on the implementation efficiency of the state programs of the Russian Federation at the end of 2016”, which was to see “Kommersant”.

According to the publication, from year to year grows not only the damage from financial crimes, but their share in the total volume. For example, in 2015 the amount of damage in this area amounted to 125.5 billion rubles, in 2014 to 53.8 billion rubles

“Kommersant” points out that the greatest amount of losses from financial crimes connected with deliberate bankruptcy of financial institutions. According to the report, their number is also increasing. Over the past two years the Central Bank has revoked the licenses of 217 credit institutions, that became the reason for the increase in the number of such bankruptcies in 2016 to 146 crimes (6.6 per cent).

The court declared bankrupt the former Top-50 Bank

The report shows that the refund depends on the effectiveness of the Central Bank, the Agency for Deposit insurance and their interaction with MIA. The Ministry believes that interaction is not enough, indicated by the “Kommersant”. According to the representative of the interior Ministry, the Central Bank late inform on “processes affecting the stability and possible offences committed by the leadership and management of the credit institution” that does not allow police to take “proactive measures”.

The Central Bank believes that it is necessary to improve the criminal law. The press service of the regulator, the newspaper said that the Central Bank is working out a mechanism which would transmit police documents protected by banking secrecy if we are talking about the insights of the assets.

“This will allow faster to initiate criminal proceedings and to more effectively apply penalties to unscrupulous owners and managers of banks to withdraw their assets,” the Bank of Russia.

In addition, the Central Bank wants to increase the punishment for finishing of Bank to bankruptcy. According to the regulator, it would “solve the problem associated with false reporting” and to limit the departure of managers abroad even before the revocation of the license.