The Kremlin has condemned threats against journalists for publications on gays in Chechnya

To Express their dissatisfaction with the media publications and the challenge can only be within the law, other methods of influence are unacceptable. This was stated to journalists the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, reports “RIA Novosti”.

So he commented on information about threats against journalists of “Novaya Gazeta”, which was made by the clergy of Chechnya.

“We believe that if, in the opinion of someone publishing the newspaper carried defamatory or distort reality, there are statutory methods of challenging and calling to the responsibility of the authors of those or other published materials,” — said Peskov told reporters.

According to him, the Kremlin is against “any other methods of influence, which would be contrary to the law.”

“Moreover, of course, [the Kremlin] against any action that could constitute a threat to the safety and life of journalists,” — said the press Secretary of the head of state.

Peskov said that the Kremlin watching this situation. He also said that he had received a letter from the editor-in-chief “the New newspaper” Dmitry Muratova, where he explains the situation.

Journalists are threatened because publications on gays in Chechnya

“Novaya Gazeta” in early April, published an investigation, from which it follows that in Chechnya were mass arrests of men suspected in sexual orientation. According to the newspaper, three people were killed. Later, the newspaper told about the “secret prisons” in the Republic, which, according to sources, detainees are tortured with electric shocks, beaten. Some managed to release only after a huge ransom.

Press Secretary of Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, Alvi Karimov said that the messages of the newspaper are “lies and misinformation” because “it is impossible to detain and harass someone simply not in the Republic.”

Press Secretary of the President has already commented on this situation. He has previously stated that “the bodies of internal Affairs will check” this information. Answering a question of journalists on April 14, Peskov said that the Kremlin is closely related to the media reports, “however at all desire can not perceive the messages as verified information”.

On the eve of “Novaya Gazeta” published a statement about the threats against journalists. According to the newspaper, April 3 at the main mosque in Chechnya held a meeting of Islamic scholars and opinion leaders of the Republic. It adopted a resolution, one of the points which, in the opinion of the newspaper, openly called for violence. “We promise that retribution will overtake the true instigators, wherever and whoever they were, without a limitation period” — quoted paper “a New newspaper”.

Later, the Mufti of the Chechen Republic Salah Mezhiev in conversation with has confirmed that such a resolution was indeed adopted and the text of “retribution” is correct. He promised that “Allah will punish those who slandered the entire Chechen people and the clergy of the Chechen Republic”.

Chechen human rights activist Kheda Saratova said that under the “retaliation” refers to the possible filing of a libel suit in the editorial office.