The richest among wives of deputies became the wife of the Communist Nekrasov

Most among the wives of the deputies of the state Duma by the end of 2016, earned the wife of the Deputy–Communist Alexander Nekrasov. Her total income last year was $ 645,9 million rubles. Such data are contained in the declarations, published April 14 on the website of the lower house of Parliament. The Nekrasov has declared an income of 4.9 million rubles.

In second place was the wife of United Russia, Sergey Petrov. Last year she earned 220,89 million rubles., while her husband 47,85 million rubles.

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Third place was taken by the wife of the Deputy from “United Russia” Vladimir Sinyagovsky income 187,79 million RUB Himself Sinyagovsky declared the income to 3.55 million RUB.

Next is the wife of United Russia Oleg Grishchenko. It is, by the end of 2016 earned 182,11 million rubles, while the husband – to 2.62 million RUB rounded out the top five is the wife of United Russia Yuri Smirnov, whose income last year amounted to 140,22 million RUB Myself Smirnov earned 20.6 million RUB.

The top ten richest were also the wives of United Russia Dmitry Sablin (income – 127,64 RUB million), United Russia Andrei Chernyshev (at 123.52 million rubles), the spravedlivorossov Valery Hartung (100,21 RUB million), United Russia Viktor Kazakov (99,01 million RUB) and United Russia Anton Zharkov (85,15 million rubles).

The highest income among deputies declared that United Russia Andrey Palkin. In 2016, he earned, according to the Declaration, to 678.4 million RUB speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin has earned 10 times less — about 62 million rubles.