The richest deputies of the Duma is much poorer

The rich get poorer

First elected to the state Duma Deputy Andrey Palkin (fraction “United Russia”) ahead of revenues for the year 2016 the wealthiest of deputies working in the Duma of the first convocation. Last year he earned 678,5 mln. At the same time, his income in 2015, according to the Declaration, yielding to them as a candidate, was twice — almost 1.5 billion rubles Palkin told journalists earlier that the RUB 1.5 billion is “total gross turnover of the holding headed by him”.

Falling incomes, he explained : “Not earned, as the autumn was already a Deputy of the state Duma and parliamentary work such do not earn money”. In the new Declaration. already there are around 60 apartments, as well as 200 vehicles, most of which was construction equipment. Now he has declared only six plots of land, a house, two apartments, warehouse building, a building of transformer substation, two trucks, two trailers and a trailer.

In February, he filed in the arbitration court of the Arkhangelsk region the application for recognition of its bankruptcy. Palkin said on Friday, April 14, that “the bankruptcy no one meant, only restructuring to avoid fines.”

Poorer and ranked second in the rating of the richest deputies of the second year in a row Nikolay Bortsov (fraction “United Russia”). In 2016, he earned 604,7 million rubles, and in 2015 more than 799 million rubles. he has shares in eight mashinomesto, six plots of land, two houses, apartment area of 67,3 sq m and half of the apartment with a total area of 264,8 sq m. Fighters occupied 144th place in the ranking of Forbes “Richest businessmen of Russia” in 2016 (as estimated at $0.55 billion).

Earned less, and his colleague in the faction, Grigory Anikeyev, whose income in 2016 amounted to 527,6 million RUB compared to 571 million RUB in 2015. MP still owns shares in the Sewerage, low-voltage electricity sewer, water, gas outdoor lighting, building of the checkpoint. He has three plots of land, four Parking spaces, two apartments, a house, four land plots in rent.

The earnings of the leader income last year’s Declaration campaign of the United Russia party member Leonid Simanovsky has decreased in 2016 2.5% from 907,6 million rubles to 377,2 million RUB His income back to the level of 2014 (353,7 million rubles). The Deputy has declared two land plots, residential house, guest house. The Deputy took 87 place in the rating of Forbes “Richest businessmen of Russia” in 2016 with the state, valued at $0.95 billion.

The top five members with the largest income — United Russia Anton Zharkov, increased over the year, your income is almost three times, from 103,9 million rubles to RUB 296 mln In MP four apartments, four cars, three plots of land.

Family Pulcini ahead and total family income (678,8 million rubles). Other deputies high-income pushed the family of Nekrasov, with a total income of 651 million RUB MP from the Communist party Alexander Nekrasov earned last year, 4.9 million rubles, and his wife 646 million RUB followed by single Fighters and take the top five family Simanovsky, the wife of MP added to total income 30.8 million rubles.

The income of speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin in 2016 amounted to 62,1 million RUB, the company Informed the Agency TASS reported, citing a source close to the speaker that Volodin “a significant part of their income for 2016 was sent to the charity.

Foreign real estate

Most of the foreign property of the members of “United Russia”. In Spain Konstantin Zatulin apartment, Andrei Chernyshev living room and three apartments have Arkady Ponomarev. Sergei vostretsova declared apartment in Bulgaria, Sergei Sopchuk-apartment, two garages and a storage room in the Czech Republic.

Alexander bryksina joint with the wife the apartment and Parking in Spain, Yuri Oleynikov joint with spouse apartment in Bulgaria.

Some of the deputies does not have its foreign real estate, but that their own wives. For example, the wife of Nikolai Valuev a house in Spain, the wife of Sergey Pakhomov apartment in Bulgaria. The wife of Omahan Umakhanov has a house in Spain, the wife of Andrey Golushko has a house and land for construction in France and the wife of Vladimir Kateneva apartment and a land plot in shared use in Finland.

The deputies of the liberal democratic party has no declared foreign real estate. In “Fair Russia” foreign real estate is only the wives of deputies: for example, the wife of Valery Hartung apartment in Switzerland, the wife of Vadim Belousov apartment and a land plot for building a house in Spain.

The Communist party is the husband of Svetlana Savitskaya have an apartment and a garage in Belarus. The Communist Vladimir blocky declared that the house and land for housing construction in the UK. From a non-party Rifat Shaikhutdinov farm in share ownership in Finland.