“Trump got a taste of war”: the Western media about the US attack in Afghanistan

“Bi-bi-si”, UK

“As soon as Donald trump settled in the White house, one of the main problems for him was Afghanistan. While the longest for America, the war was never on the agenda of the President, and what little he said sounded rather contradictory. He used to describe US involvement in the war in Afghanistan as a “disaster” and advocated the need for the withdrawal of troops. However, the reason interest trump to Afghanistan with shocking candor earlier this month described the special inspector General of the United States for Afghanistan reconstruction John Sopko. He said that in Afghanistan, the United States spent more than the reconstruction of Europe after world war II, however, only 63% of the country controlled by the government of Afghanistan, opium production is at record levels, and corruption thrives”.

The New York Times, USA

“The strike was the first combat use of non-nuclear bombs, called GBU-43 / B Massive Ordnance Air Blast. President trump gave the Pentagon additional authority in the first months of tenure, which, in the opinion of the military, will help to defeat the “Islamic state” (organization banned in Russia and declared a terrorist. — ). Trump has not said if he gave the order for the dropping of the bombs personally, calling it “another successful mission”.

<…> The Afghan government knew nothing about the preparation of the strike, said Shah Hussein Mortazavi, a representative of President Ashraf Ghani. Although the damage from the explosion was not known, he caused the opposite reaction. “This is not a war on terror, and inhuman and cruel use our country as a testing ground for new and dangerous weapons,” wrote the former President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai on Twitter. “We, Afghans, should stop US”.

Military.com, USA

“The bomb was dropped less than a week after in the same province was killed by us soldier, 37-year-old Sergeant mark de Alencar. He died from injuries sustained in a collision of his division with fighters. At the press conference, trump was asked if he gave the order to drop the bomb in person, to which he replied: “we Have incredible leaders in the Armed forces, and… we are very proud of them. It was another very successful mission.” When asked whether the use of the bomb, known as the “mother of all bombs,” the message of Korea, which is threatening to use nuclear weapons, the President said: “It does not matter, like it or not. North Korea is a problem, will take care of her”.

The Guardian, UK

“The bombs are fool’s gold in wartime. Inaccurate, expensive, and cruel, their strategic usefulness is only good on paper a political leader giving the order. USA with the acquiescence of the UK 16 years bombed unstable Muslim state and brought nothing but death and anarchy. But the bombs warm the souls of all the following presidents and Prime Ministers. Good explosion brings the policy as many points as there is no political strategy will never bring.

Over the past week Donald trump has seen his stock soared even alleged liberals, because he has deviated from the selected during the campaign ideas of isolationism and dropped bombs on Syria and Afghanistan. None of these countries poses a big threat to the national security of America. What makes trump, now bears little resemblance to the concept of “America first.” Trump felt the sweet taste of war. But the absurdity of the blast that he hit the target with the Taliban, his potential allies in the fight against ISIS. I doubt that trump has thought about it for even a second. He just wants, as he once put it, “to beat the crap out of ISIS”. And him to enjoy explosions so much that he is willing to hold press conferences to brag about them.”