“Vedomosti” admitted the mistake in the article on Friedman

In preparing the material about the co-owner of “alpha Groups” and LetterOne Mikhail Fridman in the newspaper “Vedomosti” was admitted “human error”. This was stated by the chief editor of “Vedomosti” Dmitry Simakov, according to RNS.

“Mikhail Fridman, unfortunately, right — on article we’ve come to the wrong address. This blatant error was the fault of several employees of the publisher. About any outside influence out of the question,” said Simakov.

Previously co-owner of “Alfa Group” and LetterOne Mikhail Fridman has submitted the claim about protection of honor, dignity and business reputation to the publisher of the newspaper “Vedomosti”, JSC “Business news Media” because of the article “Why the Spanish project of Mikhail Fridman was involved in the case about “Russian mafia”, published on 27 February 2017.

Explaining its position regarding this lawsuit, Friedman said that the journalists did not try to contact him and his representatives to review with the company’s position for the article. According to Friedman, in the article “Vedomosti” “contains a number of allegations” that were untrue and “cause direct harm” to his name and reputation.

The article that gave rise to the claim, regards the criminal proceedings due to the withdrawal of funds from Dutch telecommunications company Zed+, designed for enterprises of telecommunications assets of Mikhail Fridman and the Spanish holding company Zed Worldwide, which belongs to the family of Perez Dolset, and commercial disputes of the co-founders of this company.

The article stated that the company Zed+ Friedman linked via content providers “VimpelCom” (operates under the brand “Beeline”), CJSC “Temafon” and ZAO “Subject”, controlled by the largest mobile operator co-owner Mikhail Fridman and his partner Vahe Yengibaryan. According to the chief editor of “Vedomosti” Dmitry Simakov, journalists reported their questions Friedman through the Director General of “Temafon” and “Subjects” Sergei Gorbuntsov, who informed them that the representatives of Mikhail Fridman and his partner declined to comment.

Demyan Kudryavtsev, the representative of the owner of the edition — family Demyan Kudryavtsev, 13 APR Takuji pointed out on his page in Facebook that “no Freedman, nor any of its employees, as far as I know, didn’t answer reporters’ questions on this material, they not explained their position and after its release, not asked for rebuttals, not looking for a pre-trial decisions.” (Later privacy settings this entry was changed so that it began to see only those who are in Kudryavtseva in friends ).

A co-defendant in the claim Friedman is also the author of “Vedomosti” Ivan Vasiliev. The head of the legal Department of the newspaper Vladimir Rumyantsev said earlier that Friedman not only filed a suit about protection of business reputation, but also has written the application in police with the requirement to bring criminal case on libel against the author of the article, which Vassiliev had already given explanations to the investigator about the circumstances of the writing.

Chief editor of “Vedomosti” considers that the assumption of the editorial staff of error “cannot be a reason for criminal prosecution of the author,” but to say “specific sanctions against employees, because of whom there was this error” refused, said RNS.

Simakov also said that now the newspaper has to make a decision about how inaccuracy will be corrected.