Ex-General of the army of Syria accused Assad hiding chemical weapons

The Syrian government is hiding from the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) several hundred tons of chemical weapons. In an interview with The Telegraph said defected in 2013, the former Syrian army General Zaher al-Sakata.

As writes the edition, to 2013 Zaher al-Sakata commanded the division on chemical weapons in the fifth division of the Syrian army. After leaving the army he has maintained contacts with officials of the Syrian government.

“They [the administration of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. —] recognized the existence of only 1.3 thousand tons, but we know that in reality they had almost twice the… they had at least 2 thousand tons”, — said the AU-Sakata.

The source said that the hidden stockpiles of banned weapons include several hundred tons of sarin, precursors, aerial bombs, which can carry chemical warheads and chemical warheads for Scud missiles. They were all taken in the fortified areas around HOMS and in the coastal city of jableh at Tartus, where the naval base and point of logistics Russian Navy in Syria.

In January 2016, the OPCW reported the complete destruction at the disposal of the government of Syria of chemical weapons. In the framework of the agreement on elimination of chemical weapons Syrian authorities have registered 1.3 thousand tons of chemical agents and more than a thousand unfilled munitions. Despite this, Western countries have repeatedly accused Assad of using chemical weapons against the civilian population.

The last major chemical attack took place on 4 April in the village of Khan shaykhun the southern Syrian province of Idlib. According to preliminary results of a Turkish investigation of the city were bombed with poison chemical. The result of the incident, according to various estimates, killed between 72 and 100 civilians.

Responsibility for the attack, Western countries have placed on Syrian government forces, in Damascus, in turn, deny these accusations. According to the Syrian military, the army has never used chemical or toxic substances.