Four to disperse the Maidan employees of “Berkut” decided to take refuge in Russia

Four former employees of the Kharkiv battalion of special forces “Berkut” crossed the border and moved to Russia. This, according to banned in Russia the edition “Censor.NO,” said their lawyer Valentin Rybin.

“13 April, they quietly boarded a bus and went to Russia. Internal passports, open and totally relaxed,” said Rybin. “Not escaped, because he was not under restraint and left in a safe place”, — said the lawyer.

We are talking about Alexander Kostyuk, Vladislaus Masage, Voylokova Artem and Vitaly Goncharenko, passing on the case of murders on the Maidan in 2014.

According to the lawyer, out of all four was only Goncharenko was under restraint — he was obliged to appear upon request of the court. “However, we do not have any jurisdiction,” explained Rybin.

He said that three ex-“Berkut officers” had no measure. The Kostyuk measure in the form of personal commitment ended in March 2017. Felts and Mastiha to 13 April were under house arrest. On 13 April, the period of house arrest expired, the lawyer explained.

Later all four were published on Youtube a video statement to the press in which he said that during the events on Maidan they have fulfilled their constitutional duty.

Goncharenko, along with three other former fighters “Berkut” detained in June 2016 in Kharkov. All four of them at the time of arrest worked in the police. As reported RIA Novosti, two of them were suspected of killing three protesters on 18 February 2014 in the Castle lane, and two more that they dropped from the colonnade on Grushevsky street on 20 January 2014 two protesters.

As reported by the publication in the Prosecutor-General’s office was unable to immediately confirm information about the flight to Russia four defendants in the case about the murders of the Maidan. “This information is currently checked… currently made the appropriate requests. We have official evidence that they went to Russia,” — said Prosecutor Alexander Kovalchuk. In his words, this information must come from service.