Macron has promised to make Putin respect him on his election victory

The candidate in presidents of France and former Minister of the economy Emmanuel macron said he will make Russian leader Vladimir Putin to respect him if he wins the election. He told this in an interview with the magazine Jeune Afrique.

According to Macron, it can gain the respect of Putin, because its nothing to do with Russia.

“Russia is a great nation, a great culture and history. We were often allies, including during the Soviet era. However, to date there is no reason to allow Russia to violate international law,” — said the candidate in presidents of France.

He said that the victory “is very straight and just” gave Putin to understand that he is ready to resume the dialogue with the request to resolve the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine. He promised to “closely monitor the protection of General principles”, but refused “to make concessions”.

“If Russia will fulfill its obligations, then we will gradually cancel the European sanctions, and cooperation with Germany will establish a political partnership with the European Union”, — said the former economy Minister of France.

Speaking about relations with the United States, macron said that Washington and Paris have “more than two centuries of friendship.” In case of victory, he promised to convey to the American President Donald trump their interests in the existence of a strong Europe in all fields, including security. Macron have announced their intention to continue joint coordination of forces, including the fight against “Islamic state” (declared a terrorist organization and prohibited in Russia).